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AppStudio version 1.1 is Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that version 1.1 of AppStudio for ArcGIS is now available.  You can get the new version of AppStudio by logging into or downloading the AppStudio Desktop Edition from the download page.

This release includes new functionality and updates to AppStudio templates, the website, development tools, as well as an updated AppStudio player app.

AppStudio now includes the source code for Survey123!

The most significant feature in AppStudio 1.1 is the ability to brand, skin, and customize the Survey123 app.  Survey123 for ArcGIS is an exciting new app from Esri (currently in beta) that lets you capture data in the field using smart surveys and a mobile device. The smart surveys created with Survey123 include things like skip logic, input restrictions, and multiple choice pick lists. The Survey123 app runs on iOS, Android, Windows…even Mac and Linux. To learn more about Survey123 visit  and login with your ArcGIS account.

So, if the Survey123 app is available already why do you need the source code?
Well, there are many reasons why you might want to deploy a custom version of Survey123. Some organizations work hard to develop a consistent look and feel for the apps they use, now with access to the source code they can put put their own branding on the application. Maybe include a custom splash screen, logos, or color scheme. Other customers might want to add new functionality to the app. As an example you could have an SMS message pushed out every time a survey is completed, or maybe a tool to open a PDF with special instructions for the person taking the survey.  Or you may even want to create a custom build so you can release it on an enterprise app store or via an enterprise mobile device management (MDM) system.

The Survey123 source code is available as a sample template in AppStudio Desktop Edition to any user with an AppStudio Standard license.

Improvements to AppStudio Desktop Edition, AppStudio Player, and web experience.

The AppStudio desktop edition has been updated with improvements for plugins, building installation files, localization, and more.  There is a new AppStudio Player available which now includes a localized OAuth login page and support for apps created with v1.1 plugins.

On the configurable app templates have been enhanced with better webmap and popup support for the Map Viewer template. As well as better gallery support for the Map Viewer and Map Tour templates. And now on the web you can open apps created with AppStudio Desktop Edition , this allows you to create a landing page or request build for these apps directly on the website.

See the “What’s new” section of the online help for more details the new features and improvements in AppStudio 1.1.

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Chris LeSueur is a Product Manager with the Apps Team in Redlands, California.

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