PerfQAnalyzer: New 10.8/10.8.x Version (Build 173) Available for Download

The Performance Engineering team at Esri is excited to release a new build of PerfQAnalyzer (PQA) for ArcGIS Desktop 10.8/10.8.x. This build (173) is the same version that we also recently released for Desktop versions 10.2-10.7.x, which we continue to make available.

PerfQAnalyzer contains powerful tools for assessing the performance of your GIS data, from rendering and feature editing to DBMS tracing and random spatial extent creation. A comprehensive set of script commands allows you to automate your testing workflow, and detailed logging allows you to easily identify any performance bottlenecks.

Thank you for your feedback regarding PQA; we hope users appreciate the tool as much as our Performance Engineering group. We now have a companion product, “PerfTools“, which brings similar performance-monitoring functionality to ArcGIS Pro.

To download the tool, please use the links below:

Disclaimer: This tool is not supported by technical support and is intended for use in English locales (date/time formats) only; any questions or feedback regarding the tool should be forwarded to

**Note: the previously-released 10.7/10.7.x version contained an error in the “Setup_AllUsers.msi” that wouldn’t properly install PerfQAnalyzer or make it correctly appear in the list of available toolbars in ArcMap.  The download available here contains the fixed version.

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