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HowTo: Schedule Automatic Updates for ArcGIS Enterprise

Have you ever thought that it might be handy to have a way to automagically download and install updates for ArcGIS Enterprise?

At ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6+, the ArcGIS Enterprise Check for Updates Tool has a console option – meaning it can be launched from a command line, or added to a batch script and run from a CRON job or Windows Task Scheduler.

The command will be similar to <ArcGIS Server installation directory>\tools\patchnotification patchnotification.bat -c -o -i all

-c : start in console mode

-i sec: install only security patches

-i all: install all patches

-d: specify download location

-o always: delete the folder the patches were downloaded to after install

About the author

I'm a member of the Software Security and Privacy Team. I also help out with Esri's Product Security Incident Response Team. I've been with Esri almost 11 years now. Before joining the Software Security and Privacy Team, I was a senior technical lead in Esri Support Services, focusing on deploying, securing, and using ArcGIS Enterprise technology.

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