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Podcast 1- Remi Myers, ESRI; GIS is for Everybody.

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In this first episode of Geospatial Experiences, I interview Remi Myers, a long-time friend and colleague who is no stranger to the GIS community. With nearly 30 years of experience in the GIS space, Remi brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Product Manager for the Utility Network here at Esri. He has shifted from being a customer who lobbied for improved workflows that would better assist him and his teams in the utility sector to a representative for customers who regularly champions on their behalf with the development teams behind the scenes. 

Remi takes us through his path to GIS; it was not a straight-line journey drawn on a map to say the least. He has a love for geology and geography, but he especially gets excited about how GIS can help people solve problems. All sorts of problems, in fact, and in almost any industry. Remi likes to push the capabilities of the technology and challenges the status quo for where a particular product should be applied. Seeing what others can’t and broadening the awareness for what GIS can do are absolutely some of his passions. 

Remi embodies the applicability of GIS across disciplines. When I had the initial idea for this podcast, he was very supportive and immediately saw the value it could bring to this space. He has been instrumental in helping make it become a reality not only with brainstorming sessions, detailing the vision, contributing ideas, and connecting us with potential interview candidates, but he is serving in the technical support role as well. He is capturing and editing the interviews, uploading the episodes to the host site, and endlessly championing our cause to those around him. He believes in the mission and intent for this podcast, to journey down the path of how and why our colleagues, partners, distributors, and customers do this work we call GIS”. 

We hope you will enjoy this first episode of our show and keep returning throughout the season to listen to the conversations we had with our amazing guests. 

Stay mappy, y’all! 

About the authors

Melissa is an engineer on the product team focused in applied geography. She can be found hiking and exploring national parks during her travels.

Remi is the Product Manager for the ArcGIS Utility Network and spends his free time exploring the US Southwest desert and California beaches.

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