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How to make this porcelain style map in ArcGIS Online

Here is a web map (which you can use as an ArcGIS Online basemap) named Porcelain, because that seems like a nice name.

Porcelain style web map
Porcelain style map of the Pacific Northwest

It’s mega easy to make and is done entirely in the ArcGIS Online map viewer using blends and effects applied to imagery, hillshade, and reference layers from Living Atlas. If you are curious about the bonkers things you can do with layer effects, check out this series from Mark Harrower.

Here’s how to make this map…

Steps in ArcGIS Online for creating the Porcelain style map

Here is a link to this map, if you’d like to zoom and pan around for yourself. Might make a nice option for reference mapping, physical/environmental geography themes, or thematic maps where a muted representation of the natural environment provides helpful context.

Here are some more snapshots. I intended to take just a couple, but it was so fun that I sort of got carried away. I will forgive you for not scrolling through this overly-indulgent pile of images…

Porcelain style map of the Rift Valley
Porcelain style map of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge
Porcelain style map of Mumbai
Porcelain style map of Naryn
Porcelain style map of the northern Mediterranean
Porcelain style map of the Drake Passage
Porcelain style map of western Ireland
Porcelain style map of Northern Michigan
Porcelain style map of Quito
Porcelain style map of Tokyo
Porcelain style map of Trondheim
Porcelain style map of Wahweap
Porcelain style map of Austin, TX
Porcelain style map of Central America

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