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Experience 3D GIS at the 2018 Esri UC

The GIS of the future is 3D, a model of the real-world that provides an engaging and intuitive interface for visualization, analysis, monitoring, and sharing. Recent technology advances in data collection—such as “reality capture” from drones or airplanes, building information models (BIM), commercial “street view” equipment, 3D photogrammetry, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors—are creating massive amounts of rich 3D data that can be transformed into useful, actionable information.

Next month at the 2018 Esri User Conference in San Diego (July 9th – 13th), connect with 3D GIS experts to learn about the latest 3D GIS software and experience how Esri’s 3D GIS technology has transformed the way 3D information can be managed, utilized, and integrated with your enterprise GIS. 3D is a core GIS capability that’s easier than ever to integrate into your current workflows.

At the 2018 Esri UC, visit the 3D GIS Showcase where you can:

The 3D GIS Showcase will be open:

Tuesday, July 10th 9:00 AM–6:00 PM
Wednesday, July 11th 9:00 AM–6:00 PM
Thursday, July 12th 9:00 AM–1:30 PM
Ground Level Exhibit Hall A, SDCC

Also, be sure to check out theater sessions to dive deep into 3D and see how it’s all done. Esri staff will demonstrate the latest in 3D technology, from CityEngine to Web Scenes, and provide the audience with great tips & tricks to implement into current GIS workflows. The sessions highlighted below run the gamut of all things 3D.

If you’d like to meet one-on-one with a 3D GIS expert, email to coordinate a time. 

Engineering Summit @ Esri UC

Sunday, July 8-10 | Marriott Marquis San Diego Hotel & Marina

Learn how 3D GIS is transforming the A/E/C industry. Connect and collaborate with fellow industry users, attend focused presentations on specific challenges and lightning talk presentations providing new best practices with the latest technology.

Imagery Summit @ Esri UC

Sunday, July 8-10 | Marriott Marquis San Diego Hotel & Marina

Get a detailed look at new imagery and remotely sensed data processing and analytical techniques in ArcGIS. Learn how to tell meaningful stories in 3D using enhanced imagery visualization and mensuration tools, artificial intelligence classification techniques, advanced raster analytics, and satellite, aerial, and drone imagery sensor data.


Esri Showcase

Tuesday, July 10
11:30 am AR/VR Special Interest Group Meeting SDCC – Room 28 E
12:15 pm Delivering A/E/C Projects with ArcGIS Envisioning Center 1 – Hall C
Thursday, July 12
1:00 pm ArcGIS Pro: Q&A with the Development Team SDCC – Ballroom 06 A

Pre-Conference Seminars

Sunday, July 8th
8:30 am – 5:00 pm Building Great 3D Scenes San Diego, CA

3D GIS Demo Theater

Tuesday, July 10
10:00 am GIS and BIM Industry Collaboration Demo Theater 13
11:15 am 3D Zoning and Development Capacity Analysis Demo Theater 04
12:15 pm 3D: Enable Your Campus and Workplace Demo Theater 04
12:15 pm 3D Feature and Sub-Surface Analysis Demo Theater 10
1:15 pm 3D Web Apps for Community Engagement Demo Theater 12
1:15 pm VR and AR in ArcGIS: An Introduction Demo Theater 04
2:30 pm ArcGIS 3D Solutions Demo Theater 04
Wednesday, July 11
10:00 am Refining 3D Buildings Extracted from LiDAR Demo Theater 04
11:15 am Creating and Sharing Awesome 3D Web Scenes Demo Theater 04
1:15 pm VR and Game Engine workflows with CityEngine Demo Theater 04
2:30 pm 3D: Dynamic Text and Advanced Animation Tips Demo Theater 04
4:00pm VR and AR in ArcGIS: An Introduction ­­Demo Theater 04

3D GIS Technical Workshops

Tuesday, July 10
8:30 am ArcGIS Urban: An Introduction SDCC – Room 16 A
1:00 pm BIM and GIS: An Introduction SDCC – Room 14 A
1:00 pm 3D Cartographic Techniques: An Introduction SDCC – Ballroom 06 B
1:00 pm ArcGIS Pro: 3D Tips and Tricks SDCC – Ballroom 06 F
2:30 pm Building 3D Apps with ArcGIS API for JavaScript SDCC – Room 08
Wednesday, July 11
8:30 am ArcGIS Earth: Introduction and Deployment SDCC – Ballroom 06 D
8:30 am CityEngine for Urban Planning SDCC – Room 32 A/B
8:30 am Creating Your 3D City Basemap SDCC – Room 08
10:00 am 3D Feature and Sub-Surface Analysis SDCC – Room 30 B
10:00 am 3D in ArcGIS Pro SDCC – Room 09
10:00 am Editing 3D in ArcGIS Pro: Multipatches, Editing Grids and more SDCC – Room 32 A/B
1:00 pm 3D Across ArcGIS SDCC – Room 14 A
1:00 pm Lidar and GIS: Classification and Feature Extraction SDCC – Room 16 A
4:00 pm 3D Cartographic Techniques: An Introduction SDCC – Ballroom 06 C
4:00 pm ArcGIS Pro: 3D Tips and Tricks SDCC – Room 32 A/B
Thursday, July 12
8:30 am 3D Analysis Tools in ArcGIS Pro SDCC – Room 14 B
10:00 am 3D Data: Lidar Point Clouds and 3D Mesh SDCC – Room 14 A
10:00 am 3D: Putting Smart Planning into Practice SDCC – Room 14 B
1:00 pm ArcGIS Urban: An Introduction SDCC – Room 17 A
1:00 pm 3D: Sharing 3D Content on the Web SDCC – Room 01 A/B
2:30 pm Lidar and GIS: Classification and Feature Extraction SDCC – Room 16 A

Harnessing the power of 3D has never been easier. Take advantage of 3D as a core GIS capability, allowing anyone to access 3D content and tools anywhere and in any environment. Use 3D GIS to deliver useful content and capabilities to anyone who needs them, in the way that’s best suited to their work. We hope you’ll stop by the 3D GIS Showcase to experience the latest and greatest – don’t be a stranger!


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About the author

Madeline Schueren is a Senior Solution Engineer on the Geo Experience Center Team at Esri, helping organizations find answers to their challenges through the adoption of geospatial technologies. As a member of this team, Madeline presents and demonstrates geospatial solutions and capabilities to users visiting the Esri headquarters in Redlands, CA. She is a natural evangelist and enjoys demonstrating solutions that will radically improve the way organizations address the challenges they face. Madeline is also one of the leaders of WeCan - Esri's Employee Resource Group for women and their allies. Madeline’s background is in Urban Planning – before coming to Esri, she worked as a GIS Planner for the Chester County Planning Commission in suburban Philadelphia. It was at the county that Madeline found her passion for integrating 3D GIS into planning workflows and identifying ways the organization could do more with GIS. Her peer-reviewed research on 3D modeling and land development planning was published in September 2017. Madeline holds a B.A. and M.A. in Geography and Urban Planning from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.


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