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ArcGIS Pro in Azure Virtual Desktop with Azure Accelerator

What if there was a quick way to Deliver ArcGIS Pro into Azure AVD?

Leveraging the Azure Accelerator for delivering VMs on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) with ArcGIS Pro offers a streamlined and efficient approach to deploying and managing virtual desktop environments. This method allows organizations to rapidly provision virtual machines (VMs) pre-configured with ArcGIS Pro, directly within the Azure cloud infrastructure. By utilizing Azure Accelerator, organizations can benefit from Azure’s scalable, secure, and reliable cloud computing resources, ensuring that GIS professionals have access to high-performance computing environments. This setup not only facilitates remote work and collaboration among geospatial teams but also optimizes the performance of ArcGIS Pro by leveraging Azure’s global network and advanced computing capabilities. The integration of Azure Accelerator with AVD for ArcGIS Pro deployment simplifies the management of virtual desktops, enhances security protocols, and provides a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to leverage the power of cloud computing for ArcGIS Pro.

The Azure team has and continues to develop documentation to assist and make it possible for Esri users to get up and running in Azure as quickly as possible.  The ArcGIS on Azure with Azure Virtual Desktop Landing Zone Accelerator documentation can be found in the following links:



Come visit the ArcGIS Pro Virtualization Island in San Diego at the Esri User Conference 2024 to learn more.

Live Demo at 2pm on Thursday July 18, 2024.

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