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ArcGIS Production Mapping and ArcGIS Defense Mapping Agenda for Esri User Conference 2022

Esri User Conference 2022 returns to San Diego! We have prepared a focused agenda for ArcGIS Production Mapping and ArcGIS Defense Mapping to help you navigate the hundreds of sessions and activities being offered. First, is a brief overview of both products and the benefits they offer.

Esri provides focused solutions that extend ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise for advanced data and map production needs. ArcGIS Production Mapping and ArcGIS Defense Mapping enable national civilian mapping and defense agencies to produce specification-driven, authoritative data and information products through out-of-the-box data models, templates, configurations rules, enterprise workflows, and tools for data creation, management, validation, visualization, cartography, generalization, and Web GIS integration.

What benefits are offered by these products?

Both products are scalable and extensible, meaning, they can be optimized and tailored to the way your organization works. Some of the benefits include:

Read on to find out about sessions and showcase details at the upcoming User Conference.

Demo Theater – ArcGIS Defense Mapping: An Introduction to MPS
Tuesday, July 12th at 12.15 PM PDT
Offered in-person in SDCC – Expo Demo Theater 12

Learn how to get started with Map Production System (MPS) web app in ArcGIS Defense Mapping extension for ArcGIS Enterprise. MPS is a self-serve map application that allows you to create MTM and TM map products using topographic production services.

Technical Workshop – ArcGIS Defense Mapping: Standards-Based Cartographic Production
Wednesday, July 13th at 8.30 AM PDT
Offered in-person in SDCC – Room 30A  

This session discusses the cartographic production process for defense-based topographic map products (TM & MTM).

Technical Workshop – ArcGIS Pro: Automating Topographic Mapping
Wednesday, July 13th at 10.00 AM PDT
Offered in-person in SDCC – Room 30D

This session discusses topographic data management, map production tools, and workflows in ArcGIS Production Mapping and ArcGIS Defense Mapping to automate the creation of multi-scale data and map products.

Note: SDCC = San Diego Convention Center

Related Sessions

Interested in automated data validation and enterprise workflow management capabilities? Check out these additional sessions.

Can’t attend a session or have more questions? Stop by the National Mapping & Statistics Showcase (for ArcGIS Production Mapping) and Defense and Intel Showcase (for ArcGIS Defense Mapping) on the ground level, Exhibit Hall B, during these times.

Map of Esri Showcase
Map showing where ArcGIS Production Mapping and ArcGIS Defense Mapping product experts are located in the Esri showcase

We’d like to hear your feedback!

Are you currently using or would like to start using the generalization tools in ArcGIS Production Mapping/ArcGIS Defense Mapping? Please answer these questions.

Would you like to help prioritize the topics for which you’d like us to create learn plans? Please complete this survey.


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