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What's new in ArcGIS Aviation Airports and ArcGIS Aviation Charting in ArcGIS Pro 3.3

The release of ArcGIS Pro 3.3 for ArcGIS Aviation Airports and ArcGIS Aviation Charting includes new and enhanced tools to further support your airport, charting, data management, migration, and design needs.

New tools

The following ArcGIS Aviation Charting tools are new at ArcGIS Pro 3.3.

Update Aviation Annotation

The Update Aviation Annotation tool has been added to the Cartography toolset. This tool allows you to update complex annotation layers and apply text and annotation scale updates at the same time.

Aviation Abbreviate

A new Annotation command, Aviation Abbreviate, helps quickly solve label and symbol crowding that can come up during automated workflows of aeronautical chart generation.

For example, an annotation feature is selected.

A map image of the Chocolate Mountains in California, with text reading "R2507N North Chocolate Mountains, CA 400".

Using the Aviation Abbreviate tool, with the Abbreviated Label selection, the annotation is modified based on the custom label expression code.

A screenshot of a drop-down menu
NOR7N is written in purple text inside a purple rectangle. The rectangle is located on a map.

To customize the command for your needs, modify the preferences in the Aviation preferences tool.

Enhanced tools

The following tools for ArcGIS Aviation Charting and ArcGIS Aviation have been enhanced at ArcGIS Pro 3.3.

ArcGIS Aviation Charting

The following list of tools have been enhanced in the Charting toolset:

Generate Airspace Lines

The Generate Airspace Lines tool in the Data Management toolset now supports multiple feature class input.

Prepare Aviation Data

The Prepare Aviation Data tool in the Data Management toolset now includes support for processing order.

Generate Summary Table Data

The Generate Summary Table Data tool in the Data Management toolset now supports polygon input to define chart areas for tabulation.

Export AIXM 5.1 Message

The Export AIXM 5.1 Message tool in the Data Exchange toolset is now configured to export ApproachLightingSystem, ApronLightSystem, GuidanceLineLightSystem, RunwayDirectionLightSystem, RunwayProtectAreaLightSystem, TaxiHoldingPositionLightSystem, TaxiwayLightSystem, TouchDownLiftOffLightSystem, and VisualGlideSlopeIndicator.

Aggregate Obstacles

The Aggregate Obstacles tool in the Cartography toolset now includes support for output features to indicate group status.

ArcGIS Aviation Airports

The following tool has been enhanced in the Airports toolset.

Generate OIS Profile Data

The Generate OIS Profile Data tool in the Analysis toolset now has support for takeoff_flight_path_area in the Terrain and Obstacle Profile element.


Product files updates

At ArcGIS Pro 3.3, the following changes have been made in the Aviation Charting product data files, which are available for download in MyEsri:

New Charting scripts are available in the product files:

New Airports scripts are available in the Aviation Airports product files:

Reach out to us at if you have questions about these new capabilities.

For further information, visit the ArcGIS Pro page or the What’s New documentation and post your questions in the ArcGIS Aviation board in the Esri Community.

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