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WorldPop 100m Gridded Population Layers Now Available in the Living Atlas

We are pleased to announce the first two 100-m resolution gridded population layers from WorldPop are now available in the Living Atlas of the World. These multidimensional layers have global coverage and contain annual estimates for total population and population density for the years 2000 through 2020.

In December 2021 we announced the partnership between Esri and WorldPop and WorldPop’s 1-km gridded population data availability in the Living Atlas.  Currently two of the three planned layers of WorldPop 100-m resolution gridded population are available:

Manaus, Brazil - Population Density Comparison of 2000 and 2020 with WorldPop 100m Unconstrained Gridded Population
This comparison of Manaus, Brazil's estimated population density in 2000 on the left and 2020 on the right illustrates the rich detail available WorldPop's 100-m resolution gridded population layers.

These layers also provide an upgrade and replace Esri’s World Population Estimate (WPE) layers, which will be retired and removed from service in December 2022. The WorldPop 100-m gridded population layers represent an upgrade to the WPE layers in several ways:

To learn more about using these layers, we have been publishing a series of posts under the title: A First Glimpse into the Future of Population Data

Here is a list of links for WPE layers and their replacements:

We will also be retiring all webmaps, storymaps, and derivative layers based on the World Population Estimate layers

These WorldPop 100-m layers are based on the method documented in Stevens, F. R., Gaughan, A. E., Linard, C., & Tatem, A. J. (2015). Disaggregating census data for population mapping using random forests with remotely-sensed and ancillary data. PloS one, 10(2), e0107042

Finally, all of the WorldPop layers in the Living Atlas will be updated annually with the most recent annual estimate.

About the author

I am Chief Cartographer at Esri, and manage the Cartographic Projects Group on the Content Team. I have been with Esri in Software Products since 1994. I am currently the author of Esri's Ecological Land Unit services, global ecological content, and the World Population Estimate Services. Contact me at with questions or feedback.

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