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New ArcGIS Pro SDK 2.9 Community Samples

Last month, ArcGIS Pro 2.9 became available and as with each release, it included new capabilities with the ArcGIS Pro SDK for Microsoft .NET.

Let’s follow up on last month’s post where we discussed some of the key Pro SDK updates at 2.9 and take a look at a couple of the new community samples.  If your workflows involve editing standalone tables, or working with graphics in maps and layouts, building on these samples can add helpful features and save time with your add-in development.

If you’re new to ArcGIS Pro add-ins, they can be a great way to help make your work easier by extending Pro’s capabilities with new tools and custom workflows.  A custom tool can save you and your team valuable time and effort, as well as improve accuracy for repeatable workflows.

The Pro SDK community samples are ready-to-use Visual Studio solutions written in C# which demonstrate the SDK’s patterns, core capabilities and best practices.  There are almost 250 samples which span the different SDK API areas.   Trying out the community samples is a great way to see what’s possible in extending Pro with add-ins, as you review the different Pro APIs, and you can use the sample code in your own add-in solutions.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the samples that came out with Pro 2.9.

Editing – TableConstructionTool

The TableConstructionTool sample is one of the many Editing API samples, and it demonstrates how you can get started with the Table Construction Tool item template.  There are three different tools in the sample where can try Basic, Intermediate and Advanced code and UI update examples.  Each of them show different ways to populate a standalone table in Pro with a table template.

More information on table construction tool implementations can be found in the new Table Construction Tools section of the ProConcepts Editing document.  For further background on the Table control, see the TableControl section of the ProConcepts Map Exploration document.

Map Authoring – GraphicElementSymbolPicker

The GraphicElementSymbolPicker sample demonstrates how you can use the new Layout Tool item template to create a tool for adding and editing graphics in both layout and map views.

For more information on how to use the tool and ways to implement it in your work, see the new LayoutTool section in the ProConcepts Layout document.

Collaborate and Share your Feedback

As always, we invite you to send us your feedback and needs for the Pro SDK.  Let us know, find out more and collaborate with others in the Esri Community Pro SDK Group.  The group is very active and allows developers an opportunity to ask technical questions, search for answers on existing threads, and answer questions as well.  We look forward to hearing about your new work with 2.9.

For more information on all the key updates in ArcGIS Pro 2.9, see the What’s New in ArcGIS Pro 2.9 page, which can give you lots of new ideas for using and extending Pro 2.9.


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Chris is a product manager on the ArcGIS Desktop Team, focused on the ArcGIS Pro SDK and helping users achieve their Pro customization goals.

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