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What's New with ArcGIS Solutions (April 2018)

During the April 2018 ArcGIS Solutions release 12 new Solution Products were added to ArcGIS.  Additionally, 35 Solution Products were updated and 8 Solution Products changed lifecycle phase.

ArcGIS Solutions are industry specific app and capability configurations that are available at no additional cost to organizations licensing ArcGIS.

New Solution Products

Critical Facilities (Beta) enables emergency management agencies to share information about critical facilities with a community

Fire Service Maps enables fire departments to create fire district wall maps and run books

Public Information communicates authoritative information about incidents with the public

Residential Comp Finder (Web App Builder for ArcGIS) helps the public, real estate agents, and appraisers find comparable sales and related property information

ROW Permit streamlines permit applications to perform work in a public right of way

ROW Permit Dashboard deploys a dashboard to monitor right of way permit status

ROW Permit Locator enables the public to see pending and approved right of way permits

ROW Permit Manager helps public works agencies manage the right of way permit review process

ROW Permit Public Comment facilitates receiving public comments on right of way permit applications and proposed construction activity

ROW Permit Review helps public works agencies review right of way permit applications


Site Selector (Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS) helps businesses locate available buildings and sites in a community

Value Analysis Dashboard (V2) enables assessors to visualize the impacts of property sales, foreclosures, and appeals on property values

Updated Solution Products

Product Lifecycle Changes


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Howard leads the Esri team developing ArcGIS Solutions for electric, gas, water, sewer, stormwater, communications, renewables, and district heating and cooling.


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