Developer Summit 2024: A tour of the ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework

Working in today’s IT landscape requires context, expertise, and collaboration. It also involves many organization and system-specific decisions and processes. To support this work, the new ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework and Architecture Center is a new resource that provides guidance for organizations to make informed decisions when implementing systems with ArcGIS. It is intended to help organizations design, deploy, and operate ArcGIS as an enterprise system.

In this demonstration, Witt Mathot provides an overview and tour of this new resource. He introduces the four main sections of the website and resources provided within it, including:

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About the authors

Sara is a lead product engineer on the ArcGIS Enterprise team. She enjoys spending time at the lake, non-fiction, and cooking.

Witt Mathot is a principal architect with Esri Professional Services, working closely with business and IT stakeholders to design, build, and sustain GIS systems. He lives in San Diego, California and enjoys cooking, traveling, and writing the occasional Python script.


Jordan is a technical writer on the ArcGIS Enterprise team.

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