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Performance enhancements in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

This is the fourth article in a blog series that highlights new capabilities in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro 2.9 – part of the ArcGIS Pro 2.9 release in November 2021.

Performance optimization is a prominent theme of the latest ArcGIS Pro release. These updates improve your overall experience within ArcGIS Pro by streamlining existing workflows, expediting processing, and optimizing algorithms used to calculate your results.

We are excited to announce that Business Analyst Pro delivers on this front through processing and apportionment improvements in the popular Enrich Layer tool.

Improved Processing Speed

Updates to the tool’s enrichment engine have significantly improved performance by allowing the tool to utilize the full computing power of your machine.  Your results are returned up to eight times faster when processing large enrichment jobs starting at the 2.9 release.

Performance of the Data Browser, which is used to access variables from the Business Analyst dataset, has also been enhanced. The search and navigation experience now allows faster access to data categories and demographic variables.

Enhanced Precision

In addition to improved performance, the Enrich Layer tool now apportions selected variables more precisely to your input features. This updated methodology leads to more accurate results on large input polygons, such as 600-mile rings. In the United States, the updated methodology apportions based on block points, which are the smallest level of geography in the census hierarchy.

This approach is also used in ArcGIS Online and Business Analyst Enterprise, allowing you to achieve consistent results across applications.

These advancements are demonstrated in the following video:

As the video demonstrates, the Enrich Layer tool now processes more quickly and returns the selected variables more accurately apportioned to your input features.

Additional resources

We hope you have been enjoying these enhancements in the November 2021 release of Business Analyst Pro. See the following links for more information regarding ArcGIS Business Analyst:

About the author

Darren is a Product Engineer on the Business Analyst team. He enjoys the collaborative process of creating features that enable Business Analyst customers to model their vision of success.

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