Darren Cook

Darren is a Product Engineer on the Business Analyst team. He enjoys the collaborative process of creating features that enable Business Analyst customers to model their vision of success.

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New to ArcGIS Pro – Add ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App Sites

Learn how to add sites from your ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App projects to ArcGIS Pro with just a few clicks.

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Learn how to create batch infographics in Business Analyst Pro

Infographic templates can be generated in batches through the Summary Reports GP Tool with both an online and locally installed dataset.

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Exciting updates to the Remove Overlap workflow

Introducing the Remove Overlap (multiple) tool, accessible to all ArcGIS Pro Users, and the associated Center Line processing algorithm.

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Assign customers by distance in Business Analyst Pro

Assign your customers to a single store based on proximity using a selected distance type.

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Customer Derived Trade Areas: Now with threshold methods!

Find out more about your trade areas and customer base using threshold rings and drive-time polygons in Business Analyst Pro 2.6.

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Measure Cannibalization with ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

This blog provides a brief overview of the Measure Cannibalization tools now available in the ArcGIS Business Analyst extension for ArcGIS Pro.

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