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ArcGIS Configurable Apps Roadmap for Retirement

ArcGIS Configurable Apps is reaching its retirement, and we are eager to provide you with a clear understanding of the timelines and specifics involved. At the point of retirement, you will no longer be able to create new configurable apps. In addition, apps built using Configurable Apps will no longer be accessible, so we strongly encourage you to begin the process of migrating them to ArcGIS Instant Apps. This transition not only ensures access to new capabilities within ArcGIS Instant Apps but also keeps you aligned with the latest enhancements in Esri web mapping and geospatial web applications. Below, you will find the outlined timelines and essential details: 


ArcGIS Configurable Apps in ArcGIS Enterprise:  

In September 2023, Configurable Apps was deprecated in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1. The final version of ArcGIS Enterprise that will support the creation of apps using the remaining configurable app templates, as well as access to existing configurable apps in your organization, will be released in Q2 2025. Existing versions of ArcGIS Enterprise will continue to be supported in accordance with the ArcGIS Enterprise product lifecycle.  


ArcGIS Configurable Apps in ArcGIS Online:  

In June 2023, we announced the deprecation notice for ArcGIS Configurable Apps. The last version of ArcGIS Online that will enable you to create configurable apps and access existing configurable apps in your organization is the June 2025 ArcGIS Online update. ArcGIS Configurable Apps will be retired from ArcGIS Online by the October 2025 update. 


Introducing Instant Apps 

ArcGIS Configurable Apps was the first way to create web apps in ArcGIS Online and we’ve seen amazing apps created by users to solve challenging problems. Over the years ArcGIS technologies have modernized, and ArcGIS Configurable Apps is built on the legacy ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.x, which will be retired in July 2024. As the underlying technology of ArcGIS Configurable Apps retires, ArcGIS Configurable Apps will also retire in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. To see when individual ArcGIS Configurable Apps templates will be retired, read the Esri support article. 

ArcGIS Instant Apps quickly transforms your maps into focused, interactive web apps through a collection of purpose-driven templates. Instant Apps leverages easy-to-use, built-in tools to showcase 2D and 3D data, display a gallery of content, and deliver local public information. You can encourage your audience to interact with features in your map such as attachments, charts, or time sliders. It is available in both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. 

ArcGIS Instant Apps is built on Esri’s latest web mapping technology, ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.0. Thus, it offers optimized performance and provides an extensive suite of capabilities, such as mobile responsiveness, smart mapping styles, accessibility improvements, and a wide variety of focus-driven templates you can quickly deploy. ArcGIS Instant Apps now includes most of the functionality of ArcGIS Configurable Apps, enabling a smooth transition for your deprecated apps. We highly recommend you migrate your Configurable Apps to Instant Apps (and other app builders if applicable) as updates to browsers could introduce functional or security issues which will not be addressed by Esri.  



Q: Will my apps continue to work at the point of retirement? 

A: No, at the point of retirement:  

In addition, users should expect the following changes after retirement:  

Q: What action should I take to mitigate the impact of this retirement? 

A: Apps built using ArcGIS Configurable Apps can be migrated to ArcGIS Instant Apps. To help users migrate their ArcGIS Configurable Apps, a complete list of equivalent ArcGIS Instant Apps templates and other app builders is available on the Esri Support site.   


Migration Resources 

ArcGIS Instant Apps offers a new way to create modern, map-focused web apps. As it differs in architecture from ArcGIS Configurable Apps, migration will require you to recreate your apps. Recognizing the potential challenges, we are sharing the retirement plan and helpful resources so that you can begin the transition. 

Watch this video which outlines the retirement plan and includes a demonstration on how to successfully migrate a deprecated configurable app to an instant app. This step-by-step guide will help you migrate your configurable apps in both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. 

Video Credits: Zoya Domashnev and Dmaia Curry


Learn about ArcGIS Instant Apps through this documentation and these additional resources: 

Please reach out to us by contacting Esri Support and posting on Esri Community. We are here to support you! 

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