A new developer website experience

Announcing the new website experience for Esri developers! In this release, the website and guides have been updated to help developers building different types of applications find content faster and build applications more effectively.

This article summarizes the key updates.


Navigation menu

The new top-level navigation menu provides quick access to developer guides, SDKs and APIs documentation, as well as developer product and support information. The Features menu gives you direct access to key guides, topics, tutorials, code examples, and samples – no matter where they are located.


Sign in

The dashboard and sign in experience has also changed for this release.

ArcGIS Location Platform developers will now be redirected to their own Location Platform dashboard to manage their subscription and monitor service usage.

Both ArcGIS Location Platform and ArcGIS Online developers will now be redirected to their portal for performing tasks such as creating and managing API keys, developer credentials, hosted layers and data services, and accessing other tools and apps.

Your portal is now your dashboard for performing all developer credential and content management tasks!


Developer guides

We have also created new developer guides with new “how to…” topics, code examples, tutorials, and workflows. There are now six guides that show you how to build different types of applications with different ArcGIS services, APIs, and tools.


Here is a preview of some the new topics you will find:

Mapping and location services 

Portal and data services

Spatial analysis services

Low-code/no-code app builders

Security and authentication

Offline mapping apps

Learn more

To check out all of the new updates, go to the new Esri Developer website.

To see additional articles for this release, go to:

About the authors

Anita Kemp is a product engineer on the Developer Experience team.

Allan Laframboise is the product engineering lead for documentation for the Developer Experience team.

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