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What's New in ArcGIS Excalibur (May 2024)

The latest release of ArcGIS Excalibur continues to bring the image management and analysis capabilities to the webThis release focuses on streamlining the user interface, an enhanced experience around supporting information products, data integration with complementary ArcGIS technology, and a more mature video publishing experience. There are big things coming to Excalibur this year and this release is no exception. 


Publishing Continues to Mature

While publishing video layers was introduced at the previous version of Excalibur, the 3.1 release furthers this support for different protocolsThere is an enhanced publishing workflow that leverages livestreams originating through UDP, RTSP, and RTMPThis extends the supported video data types that can be published into the ArcGIS System of record to be utilized in downstream analysisThese video layers integrate directly within ArcGIS allowing the web application to leverage the familiar search and discover experience.


Enhanced collaboration in Excalibur projects

For those looking for an easier way to find and access content created with Excalibur projects, we have added enhanced support for related information products.  Content, such as reports, screenshots, or video frames, are created using export tools in Excalibur or other web apps and can then be viewed and downloaded by anyone with access to the project or to the item in their ArcGIS Enterprise portal for a more collaborative experience. 

 Additionally, users can search for this content to support a project.  Similarly, the Excalibur project now allows you to attach supporting materials to provide further instructions for collaborators.   You can think of these as references or resources that complement a particular use case. There is also a newly redesigned experience for working with observation layers which are central to the Excalibur project focused experience.  Observation layers can be leveraged outside of a project and a familiar user experience provides this additional functionality. 

Integrating with ArcGIS Knowledge

At the 3.1 release, ArcGIS Excalibur will support the knowledge graph layer directlyArcGIS Knowledge graph layers contain spatial information through access to entity and relationship types. Excalibur will support adding graph layers directly as an observation layer within the project. This expands on the already rich ecosystem of supported layer types within the application. The observation collection workflow will be familiar in that it leverages a similar experience to other hosted feature layers.

Collect Knowledge Entities in Excalibur

We hope you are as excited about these enhancements as we are and are here to support you. To stay up to date on product news, sign up for our newsletter on the Excalibur Webpage or visit the Esri Community page to ask a question or leave feedback.

About the authors

Yuri Potawsky

Product Manager for Imagery with a focus on Deep Learning, Python, and Analytics.


Alexandra is a Product Marketing Manager on the Operational Intelligence team at Esri. She is currently working on reshaping Esri's motion imagery story with the ArcGIS Video Server launch in ArcGIS Excalibur. Before transitioning to product marketing, Alexandra specialized in CRM, content, and email marketing strategy for top tech companies.

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