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ArcGIS Experience Builder Showcased Web Apps of 2023

With ArcGIS Experience Builder, you have the flexibility to design a web app according to your preferences. It can range from a simple map with a legend to a more immersive experience featuring multiple pages, scrolling screens, 2D and 3D data, imagery, surveys, and dashboards. 

Throughout last year, our users utilized ArcGIS Experience Builder to create web apps for various unique and significant workflows. These include engaging the public through education and virtual events, addressing transportation and housing issues, and documenting the effects of natural disasters. In this blog, you will discover highlighted user stories and apps created in 2023, showcasing features and designs that you may want to incorporate into your own web apps. 



2023 User Stories

Somerset County, New Jersey Develops Interactive Application to Explore Affordable Housing

The Somerset County Housing Navigator website aims to connect people with housing options that match their needs and preferences. ArcGIS Experience Builder was used to provide users with a comprehensive view of available housing options in their area and enable them to search and filter homes using various criteria. Users can either locate a home that meets their criteria or connect with agencies that can help them understand their housing options. 

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University of Maryland Students Develop Interactive Site to Improve Cyclist Safety in Prince George’s County

This app was created by the University of Maryland’s Intermediate/Advanced GIS course to display the bicycle level of traffic stress (LTS) for Prince George’s County’s road network. This map, utilized to give staff and residents the ability to see the county bike network, has been used to make the county roads safer by identifying obstacles that prohibit residents’ ability to bike safely. 

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Public Land for Public Good’: Boston’s Map of City-owned Property 

This application is used to visualize the inventory of all city-owned property in Boston and identify all vacant or underutilized property. The city uses this data to decide how best to deploy public land to serve Boston’s most urgent needs. The app gives the public the chance to filter through properties based on owner, current use, parcel ID, and more. 

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Mars Mission Tracking App and How to Create In-App Tutorials 

This web app tracks the progress of Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter on the surface of Mars in both space and time. Users can view Perseverance’s pictures of the Martian surface, track Ingenuity’s flight paths, and see each robot’s current location. 

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Apps Added to the Gallery in 2023

PLACES: Local Data for Better Health 

This app provides an interactive map for model-based chronic disease-related estimates of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) PLACES (Population Level Analysis and Community Estimates). PLACES includes 36 measures (13 health outcomes, 9 prevention measures, 4 health risk behaviors, 7 disabilities, and 3 health status) at the county, place (incorporated and census-designated places), census tract, and ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) levels. 

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Girl Scout Cookie Tracker 

This application allows girls and volunteers to track their cookie booth sales. In addition, sales from previous years can be loaded so troops can efficiently plan and predict the best locations, times, and variety of cookies expected to be sold. 

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Confronting the Wildfire Crisis 

The Wildfire Risk Reduction Infrastructure Team has created this web app to share information related to how the US Forest Service is confronting the wildfire crisis.  

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Northern Beaches Council Conservation Zones Review 

This app covers the Northern Beaches of Australia and enables users to view the criteria used to determine the proposed changes to zoning, permitted land use changes, and maps from contributing studies.  

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Lake Country Trails Map 

This app shows the variety of trails for walking, hiking, and biking in Lake Country with all levels of accessibility and difficulty filtered on a map.  

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GIS Day Expo Virtual Exhibit Hall 

This app was used as a virtual exhibit hall for county departments for Los Angeles County’s GIS Day 2020, 2021, and 2022.  

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Utah Rockhounder  

This web experience is a map-based, continuously updated resource of Utah rock, mineral, fossil, and landscape rock collecting sites. It is used as a preliminary resource for identifying places to visit and collecting samples. 

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Kansas Environmental Public Health Tracking Data Explorer 

The Kansas Environmental Public Health Tracking Data Explorer allows users to interact with and examine environmental health data in various ways.  

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OIT-GIS Accessibility Guidelines 

Colorado’s Governor’s Office of Information Technology has created guidelines to help GIS users create accessible maps and apps. These guidelines include resources, tips, and a checklist to assist in making accessible content. 

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Now it’s your turn! Getting started with ArcGIS Experience Builder is easy when you leverage our pre-configured templates. Instead of starting from scratch, simply click on “create new” and choose “ArcGIS Online” to access a diverse selection of templates. 

Check out more examples of apps made using ArcGIS Experience Builder in our app gallery. To submit your app to the gallery, complete the form found on the gallery page. We can’t wait to see what you create! 


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