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What's New in ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition (version 1.9)

Version 1.9 of ArcGIS Experience Builder developer edition is now available on the ArcGIS for Developers  website, helping developers build and extend their no-low code web apps much faster.

In addition to picking up features from the June update of the online edition, version 1.9 allows you to override webpack config and add widget dependencies in your widget folder. Other highlights include a new question about interceptors in FAQ , and a new Link component in Storybook. Let’s explore these updates.

Override webpack config

The webpack config file is to build widgets. Sometimes you may want to extend it by adding plugins, for instance. To do so, you can now simply place your overwritten logic in the client/webpack/widget-webpack-override.js file. In the exported function, the default webpack config object is passed in as an input parameter. You can modify and return it. See the Override webpack config topic.

Add dependencies in your widget folder

In the previous releases, a widget doesn’t have its own package.json file. When the third-party libraries are used in a widget, they must be put in the package.json file under the client folder even though these libraries are specific to the widget only.  Now you can create a package.json file in your widget folder to add its own dependences. When you run npm install in the client folder, these dependencies will be installed.

Use interceptors

Interceptors allow you to modify requests before or after they are sent. When developing a widget, you may find that esriConfig.request.interceptors.push({}) does not work after importing esri/config from ArcGIS API for JavaScript. This is because Experience Builder has added an interceptor that matches all URLs.

To use interceptors in your widget, add your interceptor to the beginning of the interceptor list like esriConfig.request.interceptors.splice(0, 0, {}).

See How do I use interceptors in my custom widget in Frequently Asked Questions.

Component story

A new Link component in Storybook provides an interactive reference to an external or internal resource. You can choose Default, Tag, or Button style.

Link component

Breaking changes

It is worth noting that at version 4.24 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, support for Tasks has been removed. As a result, all esri/tasks references in Experience Builder have been replaced by the classes and modules in the esri/rest folder in this release. See the Rest is up to the task blog for more information.

In addition, there are breaking changes from the jimu-core, jimu-arcgis, and jimu-ui libraries. Make sure to check them out before upgrading your apps.

For more information about the 1.9 release, see What’s new. You can reach us with any questions at

Thank you,

The ArcGIS Experience Builder Team

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