Innovative Geo-Solutions to be Showcased at 2018 Esri UC Startup Zone

Attendee in SUZ at Esri UC
Attendee in SUZ at Esri UC

We’re just a few weeks away from Esri User Conference (Esri UC), the world’s premier GIS conference in San Diego, California from July 9-13, 2018. The UC is the largest global GIS event, attracting 17,000+ users, managers and developers and includes 1000+ moderated sessions, 450+ hours of training, and 300+ innovative software exhibitors. There will also be inspirational keynotes, one-on-one support sessions with Esri technical and professional staff, and more!

One area you won’t want to miss is the Esri Startup Zone (SUZ) in Hall A of the expo showcase! This high energy and innovative area is hosted by the Esri Startup Program and features the work of 24 up-and-coming businesses that have integrated spatial capabilities within their product offerings and help Esri customers gain even more value from their investments in ArcGIS. SUZ exhibitors address a broad spectrum of industries such as public safety, local and federal government, utilities, natural resources, health, and commercial sectors. These companies are driving innovation across a wide array of themes that include mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, real-time analytics, and more. Join this passionate community for demos, explore partnerships, and to learn about their new offerings built to deliver value for the enterprise market.  Download the SUZ flier to help plan your visit.

Showcase Hours

Startup Zone Exhibitors:

Company Description Industry Focus Booth
2NDNATURE Simplified stormwater compliance to empower communities and inform change. Water/Wastewater/ Stormwater, Local/State/ Provincial Government Z5
Argis Solutions Argis Solutions helps field crews overcome 2D mapping technology limitations of locating assets by providing Augmented Reality for ArcGIS. Local/State/Provincial Government, Natural Resources, Pipeline Z2
DataCapable Realize the power of GeoSocial. Transform your map into a social canvas. One that provides event detection and two-way customer messaging. Electric & Gas, Government, Public Safety Z14
Downtown.AI Downtown.AI uses machine learning and location data to predict the Human Landscape, assisting businesses to predict customer demand and cities to manage and plan. Local/State/Provincial, Government, Commercial Z23
Easy2Hike A platform to empower outdoor adventures by connecting nature park managers and visitors. Enabling park managers to take data driven decisions. Local/State/Provincial Government, Conservation Z6
Esri Startup Program A three-year program that gives emerging businesses the tools to build mapping and location analytics capabilities into their products, All Industries Z25
FernLeaf Interactive FernLeaf Interactive is a resilience decision support solutions firm that uses data to help communities prepare for and adapt to natural hazards. Local/State/Provincial Government, Public Safety Z1
FishViews We create 360-degree image maps of waterways to provide context to data and enhance analysis of aquatic data. Water/Wastewater/ Stormwater, Local/State/ Provincial Government Z10
FlameMapper Regain control of wildfires with predictive analysis, mitigation modelling and containment analysis and leverage informed decision making instantly. Public Safety, Local/State Government, Fire/Rescue/EMS, Insurance Z15
Geollect Geollect delivers world class geospatial-intelligence that provides decisive advantages to business executives, policy makers, and operators. Non-U.S. National Security, Defense Z3
GIS Routes We improve last mile logistics operations by providing a solution, to help our clients reduce costs, improve quality of service and use of resources. Commercial, Transportation Z21
GIS WebTech GIS WebTech offers innovative technology solutions engineered specifically for economic development and site selection. Local/State/Provincial Government Z11
GroundVu GroundVu ultra high definition aerial and street level imagery for ArcGIS. We can extract virtually any GIS feature layer from imagery. Learn more, Electric & Gas, Local/State/ Provincial & National Government, Public Safety Z20B
Hangar Technology Hangar enables insightful, actionable intelligence created by an ecosystem empowered by autonomous mobile robotics. AEC, Electric & Gas, Commercial, Government Z19 GmbH is a leading provider of professional real-time Indoor Positioning and Mobile Wayfinding solutions for mobile apps. Aviation, Transportation, Commercial Z12
IndoorVu IndoorVu is an Indoor Mapping company that delivers GIS ready indoor data products with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Commercial, Telco/Cable, AEC, Local/State/Provincial Z20A
iSpatial Techno Solutions iSpatialTec provides a decade of experience in the area of Information Technology Planning, program management, solutions and services. Electric & Gas, Government Z16
Meemim Meemim is a developer of vGIS, the most advanced AR/VR/MR visualization platform for ArcGIS. Electric & Gas, Local/State/ Provincial Government, Natural Resources Z9
pathVu pathVu is building a global database of pedestrian pathway data to improve accessibility, walkability, and safety for pedestrians of all abilities. Local/State/Provincial Government, Transportation Z22
SafeGraph Inc SafeGraph is focused on understanding how populations move in the physical world. We deliver high quality location data products to organizations. Commercial, Local/State/ Provincial & National Government Z17
SkyMap Global SkyMap Global’s mission is to make data analytics from imagery available using automation and speed by working on satellites, UAV and aerial. Imagery, Commercial, Government, Natural Resources Z24
Sparkgeo Consulting Maptiks gives companies rich insights about their web maps, their audiences and potential customers. It’s a powerful web map analytics tool. Commercial, Local/State/Provincial Government Z7
StreetScan StreetScan offers a fast, automated and objective asset inspection and management service to the public sector, maximizing the impact of repair budget. Local/State/Provincial Government, Transportation Z13
TerraLoupe Terraloupe applies AI on aerial imagery. We deliver localized insights fast and precise through the ArcGIS platform on a global scale. Commercial, Insurance, Electric & Gas Z4
UtiliSync Enhance your GIS-based forms with UtiliSync. Collect photos and signatures, automatically create and email PDF reports, and more. Local/State/Provincial Government, Water/ Wastewater/ Stormwater Z18
Vricon Vricon’s mission is to build the Globe in 3D – a revolution in GEOINT tradecraft – offering decision makers the entire world in highly accurate, immersive 3D. Defense, National Government Z8

Startup Talk Schedule – Hall A, Startup Zone (SUZ)

Startup Zone Spotlight Theater (20 Minutes) – Expo, Hall A
Tuesday, July 10
10:00 AM ArcGIS and Augmented Reality (AR) / Mixed Reality (MR) Visualization Technologies – Real-live Use Cases Meemim
10:30 AM Reality Based Mapping: ArcGIS Online Data Integration with Virtual Waterways FishViews
11:15 AM Holistic Solution for Park Management Agencies through ArcGIS & Easy2Hike Easy2Hike
1:00 PM 3D Analytics: Solving Business Challenges with Vricon Data and Esri Tools Vricon
1:30 PM Geollect Maritime Risk Modelling to Improve Safety and Speed of Transits Geollect
2:30 PM Accelerating Municipal Climate Adaptation FernLeaf Interactive
3:00 PM Improving Stormwater Mapping and Mitigation for Better Decision Making 2NDNATURE
4:00 PM Build 5 Star Webmaps with Improved Analytics: Let Maptiks Show You How Sparkgeo
4:30 PM Revolutionizing Smart City Roadway and Sidewalk Management Using StreetLogix StreetScan
5:15 PM Gain Access to Smart IoT Analytics and GEO Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the Braein Solution iSpatial Techno Solutions
Wednesday, July 11
10:00 AM Implementing Indoor Mapping and GIS for your Organization IndoorVu
10:30 AM GroundVu – Rapid, Low-cost Imagery & 3D Data Powering the Future of Your GIS GroundVu
11:15 AM Captain Nemo’s Journey Through the Impossible World
1:00 PM Putting Sidewalks on the Map: Sidewalk Data and Pedestrian Navigation pathVu
1:30 PM Geo Artificial Intelligence (AI) – From Pixel to Insight with TerraLoupe GmbH TerraLoupe GmbH
2:30 PM Augmented Reality (AR) Improves Meter Reading Argis Solutions
3:00 PM Dynamic Human Movement: The Next Horizon for GIS Planning SafeGraph
4:00 PM SMS to GIS Adapter: Combining Machine Learning, Texts, & Mapping DataCapable
4:30 PM WILDFIRES, Had Enough? Learn How New Tools Provide Unthinkable Results FlameMapper
5:15 PM Improved Inspection and Compliance with UtiliSync and Survey123 UtiliSync
Thursday, July 12
10:00 AM Last Mile Logistics for Food Distribution in Retail GIS Routes
10:30 AM Task and Receive Aerial Insights in to ArcGIS Hangar Technology
11:15 AM Using GIS to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Economic Development GIS WebTech


Sessions & Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Featuring Startup Program Partners:

Sessions & Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Tuesday, July 10
8:30 – 9:30 AM Advanced Geo-Marketing Using Customer Behaviors, SDCC – Room 27 B Locomizer
8:30 – 9:30 AM GIS for Safety Management, North Carolina’s Vision Zero Map, SDCC – Room 24 B Argis Solutions
11:30 – 12:30 PM AR/VR Special Interest Group Meeting, SDCC – Room 28 E Meemim & Argis Solutions
1:00 – 2:00 PM Best Practices for Park Organizations, SDCC – Room 25 A Easy2Hike
Wednesday, July 11
2:30 – 3:30 PM Getting More from Asset Management, Using Mixed Reality for Asset Interaction and Management, SDCC – Room 24 C Meemim
Thursday, July 12
2:30 – 3:30 PM Innovative Methods for Business Attraction, Economic Development Growth: Compete and Win Beyond Sites & Buildings, SDCC – Room 28 E GIS WebTech

Today, startups do more than influence mainstream culture–they also change the way our organizations operate. With intense pressure on organizations to innovate and do more with less, Esri startups are delivering powerful solutions with intuitive interfaces that extend the ArcGIS platform. Take some time to see what is trending in the geospatial industry at the Startup Zone!

Want to learn more about the Esri Startup Program?

Esri UC Startup Zone Demo Area
Esri UC Startup Zone Demo Area

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Katie Decker is the Community Manager for the Esri Startup Program, a free three-year program that gives emerging businesses the tools to build mapping and spatial analytics capabilities into their products. As Community Manager, Katie enables hundreds of startups to successfully leverage Esri’s technology and global business network. She also helps to foster their collaboration with a wide array of organisations and industries such as - local, regional and national governments, utilities, transportation, natural resources companies, commercial organizations and more.


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