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Visualizing Uncertainty in 3D for Urban Planning

Urban planning projects — especially in long-range planning — often come with a high level of uncertainty. Getting the visualization of uncertainty right will be an essential key to effective decision-making in urban planning processes. What is currently missing are best practices on how to visualize uncertain urban planning projects in 3D.

In this article, we are exploring different 3D visualization techniques in the context of urban planning. The techniques are discussed regarding intended or unintended impacts on the perception of urban planning projects by stakeholders.

Realistic visualizations

Schematic visualizations

Are you interested to learn more, explore the different 3D visualization interactively, and contribute to best practices?

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About the author

I am a product-minded software engineer & UX designer - combining skills in engineering, design, and leadership. I currently help develop ArcGIS Urban, a web application for urban planners to visualize and plan the future of their cities. I am also an advocate for more diversity in tech & I teach yoga in my free time.

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