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What's New in Web AppBuilder (March 2020)

The latest release of Web AppBuilder is now available. Additional features have been added to the Data Aggregation widget, now out of beta, as well as the Share, Smart Editor, Public Notification, Parcel Drafter, Infographic, and Emergency Response Guide widgets.

Data Aggregation

The Data Aggregation widget is out of beta in ArcGIS Online and will be available in the upcoming ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1. This widget helps you quickly update your data (feature services) from CSV files. For example, you may want to update the fire stations layer on your map if a number of new stations have been built and a few existing ones have had their names and locations changed. You can also verify and correct field information in each record from the CSV and the targeting layer, if needed.

With this release, you can update multiple layers on the map, whereas you were limited to one layer in the beta version.

Multiple layers

You can create instructional content about, for example, how to use the widget.

Custom message


When using the link option to query a feature in the Share widget, attribute values are now sorted in ascending order automatically, and you can type in a search box to quickly find them.

Query feature

Smart Editor

When configuring attribute actions, you can choose to populate a field based on MGRS coordinates.

MGRS coordinate

Parcel Drafter

The Parcel Drafter widget now supports international foot as a measurement unit in addition to US survey feet and meters.

International feet

You can also set the default line type to start with.

Default line type

Public Notification

Sometimes you may want to adjust the parcel selection before download. With the new Review button, you can easily add and remove selected parcels on a specific addressee layer.

Review parcel selection

Keep in mind, for an existing app created before this release, you will have to open the app in the builder and manually check the option below to see the Review button on the widget. For new apps, this option is enabled by default.

The Review button

Emergency Response Guide

Some of you want the ability to perform simple analysis from a list of chemicals offered in the Emergency Response Guide widget.  The list of materials for your analysis now has been increased from 679 to 3,127.

Emergency Response Guide widget


For chart templates like Column and Bar, you can set the display range to show all results by default.

Display all results

These are a set of highlighted enhancements to Web AppBuilder. To review the rest, check out the What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS page.

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