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What's new in ArcGIS Workflow Manager (June 2024)

We’re excited to introduce the latest features and enhancements available in the June 2024 release of ArcGIS Workflow Manager for ArcGIS Online. Explore batch job actions, a new step template, and more! Here’s what you can expect to find in the June update of Workflow Manager.



Run geoprocessing services with the Run GP Service step

The Run GP Service step is the latest addition to your step template library. This step type can be used to run geoprocessing tools, Python script tools, and ModelBuilder models published to your ArcGIS organization as services.


Perform batch actions on jobs

Need a quick way to manage multiple jobs at once? The multi-select toggle on the Manage page is a new feature that allows you to perform batch actions on selected jobs. Combine actions to improve system performance or modify large groups of jobs simultaneously. Upgrading, deleting, and closing jobs in bulk has never been easier.


Use the multi-select toggle to upgrade, close, and delete jobs in bulk


Close jobs from the web app

The job details panel now supports the ability to close a job without completing the last step in the workflow diagram.


Close jobs from the Details panel


Populate extended property ArcGIS Arcade expression values

Our latest enhacement to the This input supports Arcade expressions menu allows you to populate the table name and field name values of an extended property Arcade function.

From here, you can browse and choose from a list of one-to-one or one-to-many extended property table values associated with your job template without having to navigate outside of the workflow design page.


Populate the JobExtendedProperty and JobRelatedProperty table name and field name values from the This input supports Arcade expressions menu


Maintain a job’s status after the job is closed

Set a job template’s Final Job Status property to Maintain Status to preserve the final status set before a job is closed.


The Maintain Status option preserves the final status set before a job was closed


Integrate Arcade expressions with the Create Job step

Arcade expressions allow you to input dynamic values that update in real time according to your specific job or workflow. At this release, you can use the Change Input Type menu to reference a job template ID with an Arcade expression in the Create Job step.


Reference a job template ID with an Arcade expression


Learn more about ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Want to learn more about ArcGIS Workflow Manager? Check out our Resources for ArcGIS Workflow Manager blog to connect with us and discover everything you can do with Workflow Manager.

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