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Create a Classic Workforce project with ArcGIS API for Python

The August 2020 release of ArcGIS Workforce allows you to create projects that are enabled for offline use. Projects created prior to this release are now categorized as Classic projects and listed in the Classic section of the Projects page.  

Project page displaying projects enabled for offline use and Classic projects

While you can continue to manage your Classic projects using the Workforce web app, clicking Create Project will only create projects enabled for offline use in ArcGIS Workforce. To create Classic projects for use in Workforce for ArcGIS, you must use ArcGIS API for Python 

Follow along with this blog post to install ArcGIS API for Python and create a Classic project.  

Note: Classic projects will only work in the Classic version of the mobile app, listed as Workforce for ArcGIS. They will not appear in ArcGIS Workforce. The icons for the different store listings are shown below.

Workforce for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Workforce store listings

For information on migrating Classic projects to projects that will appear in ArcGIS Workforce, see Migrate Classic projects 

Install ArcGIS API for Python

To automate and script Workforce projects, and to create a Classic project, you must install ArcGIS API for Python 1.8.3. This version is planned to officially release in Q4 of 2020, but you can access the prerelease now by completing the following steps. It includes the Workforce module required to create Classic projects.  

First, review the requirements for installing ArcGIS API for Python 

Next, install the prerelease of ArcGIS API for Python 1.8.3 by running the following command in either a Python script or Python console: 

conda install -c esri/label/prerelease -c esri arcgis==1.8.3 

Once you’ve installed ArcGIS API for Python, you are ready to create a Classic project 

Create a Classic project

Complete the following steps in either a Python script or Python console.  

First, import the ArcGIS library:

import arcgis 

Next, log in to your ArcGIS Online account using your login credentials:

gis = arcgis.gis.GIS("", "<username>", "<password>")

Finally, run the following command to create a Classic project, also known as a version 1 project. Be sure to give your project a meaningful title and summary:

version1_project = arcgis.apps.workforce.create_project("<project-title>", "<project-summary>", major_version=1) 

After running this command, the Classic project is created and appears in the Workforce web appYou can configure the Classic project in the web app or with the Workforce module in ArcGIS API For Python 

For more information on working with Classic projects, see Create your first project (Classic) or Automate and Script Workforce (Classic) 

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