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65 percent of Americans search online for information about their government. Yet, less than 10 percent report finding what they need.

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Citizens need information.
Leaders need input.

ArcGIS Hub can make a smart community even smarter, giving context and purpose to data. It organizes people, processes, and technology to meet the needs of citizens and governments.

Translate Aspirations into Real-World Initiatives that Matter to Everyone

With data-driven citizenship as a top priority, ArcGIS Hub engages governments and communities around policy initiatives to tackle pressing issues. This helps bring top priorities into focus.

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Translate Aspirations into Real-World Initiatives

Give Your Community a Goal to Rally Around

ArcGIS Hub extends your enterprise GIS and brings data-driven policy to life. The framework combines data, visualization, analytics, and collaboration technology. With ArcGIS Hub, you can:

With ArcGIS Hub You Get

ArcGIS Hub is a bridge between your government departments and the community it serves. Your foundational GIS work, done by internal departments, will help your entire community collaborate on projects.


Maps and Apps to Inform Citizens

Make it easier for people to visualize the data you share about policies, desired outcomes, and initiatives. Use ArcGIS Hub to create and share

  • Informative charts
  • Interactive Maps
  • Narrative Story Maps
  • Dashboards
  • Data-Driven Microsites

A Central Place to Collaborate

Use ArcGIS Hub as your engagement platform to connect with trusted members of the community. Work together on initiatives with

  • Local Businesses
  • Universities
  • NGOs
  • Startups
  • Citizen Scientists

A Way to Capture Data & Input

Enlist ArcGIS Hub participants to gather the data you need in a useful digital format. Solicit and collect community responses to

  • Initiative-Related Surveys
  • Development Proposals
  • Community Events and Meetups

Apps & Tools for Innovation

Make it easy for others to find and use your community’s data. Get contributions back to your Hub, including original apps from

  • Civic Developers
  • Volunteers
  • Students
  • Open Source Community


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