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Esri San Antonio Regional Office

A highlighted map of Texas with yellow hot spot areas that represent the density of customers

Bringing together GIS users from across the region

At the San Antonio office, we're committed to making our region a better place to live, work, and play. Our teams foster a community focused on using geospatial technology to address the challenges of today.

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A highlighted map of Texas with yellow hot spot areas that represent the density of customers

Empowering multiple territories

Our team extends its expertise far beyond the borders of Texas, providing exceptional solutions to Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Featured team members

Tiffany Weintraub | Senior Product Manager

Tiffany is the product manager for ArcGIS Workflow Manager. Initially hired as a technical consultant, she helped organizations use ArcGIS technology to address their business challenges. Now, she plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between customers and the development team, ensuring that Workflow Manager consistently aligns with market needs. She is committed to making sure products are always innovative and satisfy customers.

Tiffany Weintraub wearing a maroon shirt and smiling with a white background

Scott Noulis | Senior Solution Engineer

Scott is a member of the natural resources team and supports customers across multiple industries, including energy, commercial forestry, and renewables. He works with organizations to envision and build geospatial solutions with ArcGIS. Combining his passion for geography with his interest in technology, he helps businesses operate more efficiently. Outside of work, Scott enjoys playing golf, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Scott Noulis wearing a blue collared shirt and smiling with a white background

Tamara Adamson | Senior Training Consultant

Tamara helps state and local governments and natural resources organizations identify Esri offerings to boost their training, adoption strategies, and certification options. Before Esri, she received a GIS certification from the University of Texas at Dallas and spent over 15 years using the technology to research and identify sites in North and South America for commercial real estate firms. 

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