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Esri San Antonio

Regional Office

A square graphic of Esri's "Science of Where" superimposed over a panoramic view of downtown San Antonio, with a mountain range in the background

Offering GIS solutions to local communities

Esri's San Antonio regional office is devoted to offering ArcGIS, the leading mapping and spatial analytics software, to local communities. We help our customers apply Esri's technology to understand and address important challenges such as climate change, supply chain resilience, public health, and social equity. Our customers' work is the inspiration.

A bus parked on a flooded neighborhood street and the water rising up to the windows of the bus
A flood warning map showing areas in green, yellow, and red

Anticipate and minimize flood-prone areas

Esri builds the climate change solutions you need to create a climate action plan.

About our office

With over 30 years as a regional office and a team of 60 employees, our Texas office is well equipped to serve the many thriving industries of the state. Situated at the crossroads of the Southwest, the Midwest, and the South, our office embodies the warmth and hospitality of the region and embraces its rich food traditions and vibrant festivals.

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We host several key events, including the Esri Energy Resources GIS Conference, the Esri Gulf Coast User Conference, and GIS Day. In addition, we provide support for a range of regional events, including the South Central Arc User Group (SCAUG) Conference and the Texas GIS Forum.

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The San Antonio community is full of GIS users, developers, data scientists, and community stakeholders who are all striving to make where they live, work, and play a better place. 

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Our training team at the San Antonio office is made up of expert instructors and consultants. We offer a wide range of learning options, including classes conducted on-site, at the customer client site, and online, to meet your specific training needs. With a large team of professionals, we can provide comprehensive training solutions to help you maximize the value of your GIS investment.

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9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (CT), Monday through Friday