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Maps predict the future.  They reveal patterns in data and drive cognitive thinking They empower you to assemble data so you can learn, reason, remember, and decide. That’s why people who rely on IBM Watson Studio data science and machine learning, IBM Cloud, and IBM Internet of Things also depend on the ArcGIS platform from Esri. Together, IBM and Esri technology can build applications quickly, uncover insights in data, automate decision-making, and reveal patterns in information that can be visualized, shared, and acted upon.

i2 Analyst’s Notebook with ArcGIS

IBM i2 Analyst Notebook, Esri Connector and the new i2 Esri Maps for Analyst Notebook bring map visualization and geospatial analytics to IBM’s premier security solution.

Geospatially Extend Db2 Data

Esri spatial libraries enable the IBM Db2 Spatial Extender. It was developed for Linux, UNIX, Windows, and z/OS to extend the functions of Db2 and allow users to store, manage, and query spatial data within the DBMS. ArcGIS Enterprise further extends Db2 spatial information management capability by adding powerful geodatabase functionality, advanced administrative tools, geoprocessing, and web map publishing capabilities.

PureData System for Analytics with Esri

The PureData System for Analytics Appliance, powered by Netezza, is designed to massively accelerate performance for complex SQL queries on top of extremely large data volumes. Matched with ArcGIS software, Esri customers see complex spatial query times reduced from days to seconds. Improving spatial query performance speeds business decision making and opens new doors to asking previously impossible questions of data.

Geospatially Extend Informix Data

IBM Informix Spatial Software is a built-in feature of Informix that supports spatial data created with Esri spatial libraries—the same libraries supporting Db2 and PureData System for Analytics. Spatial data created with ArcGIS can be stored, managed, and queried from within IBM Informix and is also available for advanced spatial analysis and editing in ArcGIS.<