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Mapping the Future of Facilities and Workplaces with ArcGIS Indoors

Our facilities and workplaces have transformed dramatically over the last twelve months. We know some of the changes such as reduced capacity and social distancing measures will only be temporary. However, many of us also experienced the benefits of remote work – spending less time in a car, more time with our families, and improvements to our mood and productivity. Considering workspace is the second largest cost to an organization, it’s easy to see how mutually-beneficial flexible workspace and better building automation will become more permanent accommodations. Now, more than ever before, the inherently spatial data driving these facilities and workplace management strategies puts indoor mapping and location intelligence in focus.

Organize building information with floor-aware 2D and 3D indoor maps

Indoor maps extend the digital lifecycle of your BIM and offers a common interface for fast and secure access to best available spatial data across the portfolio.

Floorplan data conditions often vary, but Revit floorplans with floor and room polygons, or drawings prepared for Apple’s IMDF or integration with IBM TRIRIGA will be ready to load as a good starting point. Once foundational indoor maps are created, the additional operational layers can be added and shared across web and mobile applications and even integrated with 3rd party solutions like IBM TRIRIGA.

ArcGIS Indoors Experiences

In addition to automated data conversion tools, advanced map-making and spatial analysis tools, and database management tools in ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Indoors also comes with a set configurable app templates for web, mobile, and kiosks.

Space Reservations and Service Requests

Enable employees to easily find their new seats, reserve flexible spaces or conference rooms, and request services to their location.

mobile interfaces showing space reservations and service requests
ArcGIS Indoors mobile interfaces showing space reservations and service requests.

2D and 3D Navigation

Help staff determine the best route to attend a project meeting or resolve work tasks with the same network analysis tools that power some of the world’s largest logistics companies.

indoor navigation routes on 2D and 3D indoor maps
Indoor navigation routes on 2D and 3D indoor maps.

Indoor Positioning and RTLS

Leverage new and existing BLE or WiFi network infrastructure for indoor positioning (IPS) or RTLS from Apple, Cisco, Esri’s own IPS for real-time situational awareness. Analyze historical patterns of use or performing post-incident analysis.

indoor positioning blue dot in ArcGIS Indoors mobile interface and tracked and historical devices and heat mapping
Indoor positioning powers a blue-dot for ArcGIS Indoors users and integrations with RTLS can real-time and historical maps of utilization.

Perform Spatial Analysis

Analyze spatial relationships of thousands of interior spaces across your portfolio in a few button clicks.

3D indoor map showing social distance analysis of open office space types
3D indoor map showing social distance analysis of open office space types.

Update and share space plans

Expedite communication between stakeholders when updating floorplans and seating assignments.

Space Planner showing space availability on an indoor map
Space Planner showing space availability on an indoor map

IBM TRIRIGA Experiences

As indoor mapping and spatial analysis drives the next generation of innovation for facilities and workplace management, Esri is partnering with IBM TRIRIGA, a market leading integrated workplace management solution, to make TRIRIGA floorplans into interactive maps for facilities and real-estate teams, and offered to their employees around the world.

IBM TRIRIGA application showing indoor mapping and routing
IBM TRIRIGA’s new indoor mapping, powered by Esri, reduces both congestion and time spent looking for a conference room or a co-worker.

As facilities re-open and employees make their return the ability to quickly locate new seats and navigate new floorplans will be essential, and it marks the beginning of the indoor mapping revolution for facilities and workplace management.

Want to see ArcGIS Indoors and IBM TRIRIGA in action?

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About the author

Beau is a Geodesign and Planning Consultant in Esri Professional Services. Previously, Beau spent 5 years developing Esri's indoor GIS business line taking ArcGIS Indoors and ArcGIS Indoors Positioning to market. He also spent time at SoftDig, a private utility locating firm, AECOM, and TomTom. Beau is motivated to use his professional experience to help customers deploy geospatial solutions and solve climate and nature related problems in their communities.

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