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2019 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Esri would like to say thank you to our sponsors who support and help make this event possible.

Gold Sponsors

Eos Positionings Systems

Booth #704

Eos Positioning Systems believes high-accuracy field location should be simple, affordable, and intuitive. We built the world’s first Bluetooth Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers for any device (including iOS, Android, Windows). Arrow Series GNSS receivers provide field crews with real-time submeter/centimeter positioning. Arrow utilizes all four global constellations, free Satellite-based Augmentation System, real-time kinematic, and atlas correction services. The Arrow is rugged, waterproof, and futureproof. See why GIS users are choosing Arrow. 

Silver Sponsors


Booth #322

Harris Geospatial Solutions provides GIS users with analytics, insights, and answers you can trust.  As the leader in image science, Harris Geospatial’s scientifically-proven ENVI analytics are tightly integrated with the ArcGIS platform and used to reliably extract quantitative information from all types of geospatial imagery and data.  Automated workflows make it easy to deliver expert-level results on the desktop or the enterprise regardless of image analysis experience.

Bronze Sponsors

FirstNet, built with AT&T

Booth #817 and Expo Meeting Room 4

FirstNet, Built with AT&T, is a dedicated communications platform created for and by public safety.  FirstNet services, technologies, devices, and apps are developed with first responders and those who support them, according to standards and needs defined by the First Responder Network Authority and public safety agencies across the nation.  FirstNet gives our first responders the always-on, 21st century mobile communication tools they need and deserve to keep our communities, and themselves, safer.


Booth #511

Fraym produces and maintains Africa-centric human geography content. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms and automation, we provide high-resolution data layers for 50+ countries, with over 60 layers per country. Our best-in-class platform answers high-priority questions with rapid production and turnaround time.

Nearmap US, Inc.

Booth #610 and Expo Meeting Room 1

Nearmap brings the real world to you. Nearmap delivers high-resolution aerial imagery as a service to businesses across the world, powered by industry-leading geospatial mapping technology. Using its own patented camera systems and processing software, Nearmap captures wide-scale urban areas in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand multiple times each year, making fresh content instantly available in the cloud via web app or API integration.


Booth #255 and Expo Meeting Room 3

Nutanix enterprise cloud OS delivers cloud-like consumption, robust security, and application mobility for ESRI ArcPro GIS customers. Federal agencies use Nutanix to migrate from legacy ESRI ARC client server to ArcPro GIS, resulting in reduced complexity, optimized performance, accelerated graphics, and consolidated infrastructure. ESRI customers can expand their freedom of infrastructure choice, with many supported hardware platforms, hypervisors and virtual desktop platforms.

Quantum Spatial

Booth #111

Quantum Spatial delivers actionable intelligence and geospatial analytics to those who want to map, model and manage their world. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass the acquisition, analysis, integration, and management of geospatial data. We offer a diverse portfolio of advanced imaging and remote sensing technologies, backed by powerful modeling, visualization, and GIS tools.

Radiant Solutions

Booth #622

Radiant Solutions provides innovative geospatial products and services that reveal insights where and when it matters. Our team of engineers, analysts, developers and data scientists deliver innovative solutions to help customers source, enrich, and analyze massive amounts of geospatial data at scale to gain a decision advantage. 

Spire Global

Booth #822 and Expo Meeting Room 2

In the time it takes you to read this description our low earth orbit nanosatellites would have passed overhead at least three times traveling at around Mach 20. Onboard the satellites are collecting and downloading AIS radio signals from over 80 thousand vessels, ADS-B signals from thousands of aircraft, and GPS-Radio occultation profiles for weather forecasting. This data is then integrated into the ArcGIS platform to then help identify, track and predict the movement of the world’s resources and weather systems.

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