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About Lisa

Lisa Marr has worked with big data, data analytics, geospatial modeling, and associated fields for more than 15 years. She is fluent in GIS, orthoimagery, digital elevation models (DEMs), and shapefiles to create "at-a-glance" reference tools for ecological analysis, restoration, and monitoring. She has used ArcGIS mapping for lots of applications, for example, mapping disturbed areas, identifying overgrazing and streambank armoring, investigating landownership for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permitting, analyzing land cover and riparian areas for design purposes, and identifying hydric soils for wetland delineation purposes.

She has used spatial analysis to identify wetland locations for field reconnaissance and comparison, created DEMs to calculate slope and stream sinuosity, delineated watersheds, and built 3D ArcScene visualizations for flood inundation areas. She has performed hydro analysis using HEC-GeoRAS and ArcGIS and generated 3D bathymetry models for determining lake surface areas and volumes.

Marr has built and manages a robust geospatial database system for Trout Headwaters, Inc. She has presented workshops; built data systems; and provided training and reports for the

National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference, the National Environmental Banking

Association, US Environmental Protection Agency, National Mitigation Banking Association, and many dozens of others in the public and private sectors.

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