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Architecture Maturity Review

Get expert advice and feedback on your enterprise implementation, including best practices. Leave with recommendations for meeting security and architecture needs.

Activity length: 30 minutes

Data Health Check

Virtually connect to review and analyze your GIS data. Using a sample of your data, an Esri industry expert will perform a high-level review of the features, attributes, and relationships based on a subset of business rules specific to your industry and highlight key data quality concerns.

This is an opportunity to see how clean your data is and receive recommendations (as well as a personalized report) on where to improve its quality, whether you are assessing

  • Geometric network connectivity to support network tracing, or
  • Data readiness for
    • Migrating to ArcGIS Utility Network for utility data.
    • Migrating linear referenced pipelines to ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing.
    • Integrating building and infrastructure building information modeling (BIM) data into your GIS workflows.
    • Migrating building data to the ArcGIS Indoors data model.

Customers with water, wastewater, stormwater, electric, gas, linear referenced pipelines, BIM, and Indoors datasets can sign up.

Activity length: 45 minutes

Utility Network Implementation Consultation

Meet with an expert to determine the approach that will best fit your ArcGIS Utility Network implementation and overall strategic objectives. This high-level consultation will cover key business and system integration requirements, geospatial workflows, and data repositories to get you started in the right direction.

Activity length: 30 minutes

Workforce Development Planning

ArcGIS capabilities are advancing quickly. Do you have workforce skills in place to effectively leverage the technology? Meet with an Esri training consultant to analyze current workforce roles and capabilities, see how your organizational skills align with your mission-critical ArcGIS workflows, and create an actionable plan to ensure that teams are prepared to deliver the results you need.

Activity length: 30 minutes

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Due to time constraints, Esri is offering one appointment per customer. We can review only one dataset at that time. If your organization has multiple datasets, we would be happy to discuss other options with you.