What are pretrained deep learning models?

ArcGIS pretrained deep learning models eliminate the need for huge volumes of training data, massive compute resources, and extensive artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge. Accelerate your geospatial workflows with built-in expertise and resources designed specifically for image feature extraction, land-cover classification, image redaction, and detecting objects. Automate the way you extract meaningful insights from imagery, point clouds, and video. 

What can pretrained models do for you?

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Types of models

Pretrained deep learning models perform tasks, such as feature extraction, classification, redaction, detection, and tracking, to derive meaningful insights from large amounts of imagery. Solve problems for infrastructure planning and a variety of other applications.

How it works

Aerial view of a parking lot filled with vehicles representing object detection being applied

Choose your tool

Open your ArcGIS client application and launch your tool of choice (e.g., detect objects, classify objects, classify pixels).

Select your input

Point to the imagery you want to extract information from.


Browse for your desired pretrained deep learning model and run your analysis.

What you need

You can run pretrained deep learning models from your desktop, on premises, or in the cloud. Pretrained models are designed to support and enhance your workflows regardless of your ArcGIS deployment. To run these models, you will need ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, or ArcGIS Enterprise along with relevant extensions.

Find your ArcGIS product

Determine which extensions are required to run your desired pretrained deep learning models. Note that these extensions add capabilities that allow you to extract information from input data such as imagery, lidar, and video.

ArcGIS Online

To run these models, you will need ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online. This offers a secure, scalable, and performant cloud environment to perform your analysis.

ArcGIS Pro

To extract image features, the ArcGIS Image Analyst extension is required. Use ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension to extract point cloud features.

ArcGIS Enterprise

Use the ArcGIS Image Server extension to process your models in ArcGIS Enterprise.

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