ArcGIS Bathymetry Pricing

ArcGIS Bathymetry is an ArcMap and ArcGIS Enterprise extension. Get a comprehensive view of your bathymetry data assets. ArcGIS Bathymetry makes your data GIS enabled, allowing for better decision-making and problem solving. View our pricing or talk to an Esri representative for additional support.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find demos for ArcGIS Bathymetry?

Connect with other ArcGIS Bathymetry users on Esri Community. Several capabilities and tools are showcased in the form of five-minute videos. They include the following:

Is there formal training for ArcGIS Bathymetry?

Esri does not offer training courses via the Esri Learning Center for this product. Based on your organization's needs, we can provide customized training and implementation services to assist with configuration and deployment of ArcGIS Bathymetry within your Esri geospatial platform. We recommend that this training be given to key staff who will be using these tools. Please contact for more information.

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