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Advanced target marketing, spatial analytics, and territory design

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ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro is an extension for ArcGIS Pro that can be used to apply sophisticated spatial analytics and modeling, including customer and competitor analysis, territory design, target marketing, and site evaluation. In ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro, you can access annually updated demographic data, nationwide business points, shopping centers, streets, address locators, drive-time thresholds, stunning infographics, and summary reports.

Benefits of ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

Analyze and select the best trade areas

Trade areas are where organizations do most of their business with their customers. With ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro, trade areas can be constructed and analyzed with a variety of methods using customer and competitor locations, administrative boundaries, street networks and distances, and multiple other geographic variables.

Computer monitor showing a large map with an area marked by a circle

Design and optimize your territories

Design your territories based on data instead of instinct. With ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro, create territories that automatically adjust based on chosen criteria like size, population, customer demographics, and revenue. After you've created a territory, you can modify it, make updates, and share information with your organization in PDFs, web maps, tables, and more.

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See what you've been missing

Understand your market, find your best customers, and identify other areas that have more like them. ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro has several target marketing tools that assist in directing advertising with the right message to the right audience, opening agencies in the right locations, understanding characteristics of customers, and more.

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Predict how your business will perform

Analyze your site's impact and the probability that consumers will shop at your stores, choose your hospitals, or frequent your venues based on current and potential competitor sites as well as other variables you identify.

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Affordable advanced analysis

Access all the tools in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro alongside Esri's hosted data—the very same data available in the ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App—via a single bundled offering. With access to the ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App and the ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile App, the entire ArcGIS Business Analyst suite is at your fingertips.

What's included

Pricing varies based on the data package and region chosen. Contact us to discuss your needs and the available options. Your purchase includes the following:


All users of Business Analyst Pro 2.1 and newer gain access to the above content.
*Requires a separate GIS Professional user type
**Optional Market Potential Index (MPI) data available

Explore ArcGIS Business Analyst infographics

With ArcGIS Business Analyst, you can visualize key indicators and information in the form of beautiful infographics—and we’ve made it simple to try. Simply select the infographic report you’re interested in and work with it the same as you would after exporting from ArcGIS Business Analyst.

See sample infographic reports
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