The power of ArcGIS CityEngine in your favorite tool

Discover a variety of plugins, APIs, and integrated workflows to harness the power of ArcGIS CityEngine in your favorite 3D tool or programming environment.

ArcGIS CityEngine for ArcGIS Urban: ArcGIS Urban Suite

ArcGIS Urban Suite allows users to create interactive and immersive urban environments with ArcGIS CityEngine that can be consumed in ArcGIS Urban. This suite allows you to orchestrate the development of construction projects and intuitively create and maintain detailed 3D city scenes. ArcGIS Urban will visualize zoning codes, track project life cycles, and measure the impact of projects after completion. Design professionals can leverage out-of-the-box CGA rules for more advanced, detailed plans and projects that require the complete development of an area.

Explore ArcGIS Urban Suite
Explore ArcGIS Urban

Puma: ArcGIS CityEngine for Rhino

Puma is a plug-in for Rhino and Grasshopper. It provides a Rhino command and Grasshopper components, which enable the execution of ArcGIS CityEngine rules within a Rhino scene.

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Palladio: ArcGIS CityEngine for Houdini

Palladio is a plug-in for SideFX Houdini. It provides surface operator nodes that enable the execution of ArcGIS CityEngine computer-generated architecture (CGA) rules within Houdini networks. As a result, 3D environment artists do not have to leave their familiar Houdini toolset anymore to make use of the procedural modeling power of ArcGIS CityEngine.

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Serlio: ArcGIS CityEngine for Maya

Serlio is a plug-in for Autodesk Maya. It provides a modifier node, which enables the execution of ArcGIS CityEngine CGA rules within a Maya scene. This allows the 3D environment artist to make use of the power of procedural modeling in ArcGIS CityEngine without having to leave the familiar Maya toolset.

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Vitruvio: ArcGIS CityEngine for Unreal Engine

Vitruvio is a plug-in for Unreal Engine. It enables the use of ArcGIS CityEngine CGA rules for the generation of procedural buildings in the Unreal Engine Editor or at runtime.

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PyPRT: ArcGIS CityEngine for Python

PyPRT provides a Python binding for PRT (Procedural Runtime) of ArcGIS CityEngine. This enables the execution of ArcGIS CityEngine CGA rules within Python. Using PyPRT, the generation of 3D content in Python is simplified.

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ArcGIS CityEngine SDK for C++

One of the most important components of ArcGIS CityEngine is Procedural Runtime. It consumes rule packages (RPK) authored with ArcGIS CityEngine and generates the 3D geometry of building models.

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