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Add your data to a map

Once your data is hosted as a feature service, it can be easily added to a map as a feature layer. Feature layers can be styled to show patterns in your data. Users can select and interact with feature geometries and attribute information.

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Query features

Perform SQL, spatial, and statistical queries against your data. Use spatial queries with relationship operators to return geometric features or just return the attributes. You can also use statistical queries to retrieve data for charts and reports.

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Draw and edit data

Use ArcGIS APIs and SDKs to draw new point, line, and polygon features or select and edit your existing hosted data. Create features as temporary map graphics or store them in feature services for future access.

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REST services

Access your data hosted in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise through ArcGIS APIs or directly through the REST API. Manage which capabilities are available such as query, edit, and export. Apply SQL and spatial queries from client applications and request data in the format you require such as JSON or GeoJSON.

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