As a member of the European Union, you must meet current requirements for delivering INSPIRE Discovery, View, and Download Services of your geospatial data. ArcGIS for INSPIRE is designed to meet INSPIRE requirements.


INSPIRE is the infrastructure for spatial information in Europe. The INSPIRE directive provides a policy framework and timetable for sharing spatial data within the European Union in a multinational, multiagency spatial data infrastructure (SDI). ArcGIS for INSPIRE extends ArcGIS to help meet current requirements without complex data migrations.

Build a Complete INSPIRE Solution

ArcGIS for INSPIRE includes:

  • ArcMap extension to create and maintain INSPIRE geospatial data and metadata.
  • ArcGIS Enterprise extension to serve INSPIRE View and Download services.
  • INSPIRE-formatted geodatabase templates for extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) geospatial information from existing databases into INSPIRE geodatabases.
  • INSPIRE Geoportal Server, a suite of software modules that are based on the open source Esri Geoportal Server and tailored toward INSPIRE needs.

Implement INSPIRE Quickly and Easily

ArcGIS for INSPIRE provides a way to implement INSPIRE by meeting requirements and immediate deadlines. Whether you are ready to harmonize your data according to INSPIRE data model specifications or deliver it as-is via INSPIRE services, ArcGIS for INSPIRE can meet your needs.

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