ArcGIS for Microsoft 365

Connect spatial and business intelligence

A business productivity solution that brings an innovative and consistent mapping experience to deliver new insights and spatial capabilities

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A digital 3D map showing buildings, trees, and roads with an inset bar graph and layer interface

Bring out the “where” in your business apps

Make informed business decisions by providing location capabilities in familiar applications. Get valuable insights for analysis, asset management, customer service, and sales processes. Create, share, and automate business workflows using configurable applications.

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ArcGIS for Excel

Spatially enable your spreadsheet data

Bring data from spreadsheets, graphs, and presentations to life using interactive maps and see the story from another perspective. Get new insights, gain a deeper understanding from your data, and make better business decisions.

A sidebar spreadsheet with numerical data next to a coastal topography map of land and water with purple data points

ArcGIS for Power BI

Add location to business intelligence reports

Securely and accurately map and analyze data in Microsoft Power BI. Harness the power of spatial analytics by activating location-based insights inside your business data.

Graphs and numerical data on a black background representing a dashboard next to a green scaling map with pink data points

ArcGIS for SharePoint

Easily map and find shared files

SharePoint users across your organization can search and share data-driven maps in a familiar framework. Find important documents fast. Geotag documents by placing them on a map via a drag-and-drop operation. When needed, click the feature layer in the map to view tagged data. Format maps to match company branding and style.

Satellite image with green land and two white popup boxes with text representing a buffer drive layer and feature selection

ArcGIS for Teams

Collaborate in a single location

Access your ArcGIS maps and apps within Microsoft Teams to transform teamwork. Create maps, share content, and manage data while leveraging ArcGIS apps in everyday chats and meetings.

Microsoft Teams interface showing green and purple North American map and a sidebar with text

ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate

Automate spatial workflows

ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate enables users to standardize automated business processes with spatial data and data management functions using low-code or no-code flows. Access geoenrichment, geocoding, and routing services to add demographics and location information to your data. 

A screenshot of ArcGIS Power Automate showing white fillable boxes and text representing a trigger event and conditions



A medical technology company strengthens its nationwide sales force with maps and visual data.

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Frequently asked questions

No. With an individual ArcGIS account, you will be able to add spatial capabilities to all your Microsoft applications. ArcGIS accounts also provide access to premium and private geographic information system (GIS) layers as well as services for data mapping and analysis.

Yes. There is a standard experience that allows you to perform some limited functionality at no cost. Here are the available capabilities:

  • Map data that has a latitude-longitude coordinate or EsriJSON Geometry.
  • Search and view millions of maps and applications that are available across the ArcGIS system.

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