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ArcGIS GeoPlanner is a web-based planning tool that empowers you to rapidly design city-, regional-, and landscape-scale scenarios in a collaborative, iterative environment.    

Plans driven by impact and KPIs

ArcGIS GeoPlanner gives you a way to measure the impact of your design using key performance indicators (KPIs). Run spatial analysis on the fly, compare scenarios, and share data-informed plans using real-time dashboards.

Design what-if scenarios

Design and test countless iterative scenarios with professional planning tools in ArcGIS GeoPlanner. And you can invite other planners to collaborate with you.

Measure impact as you plan

Use built-in metrics and dashboards to immediately measure scenario impact. Access and incorporate global, authoritative data from ArcGIS for contextual analysis.

Deliver results that get buy-in

Showcase results that are data-informed, visually impactful, and interactive in 2D and 3D. Share plans with stakeholders and the community at meetings or charrettes.

Improve your process, one step at a time

Planning is an iterative, collaborative process. Here’s how ArcGIS GeoPlanner helps you every step of the way.
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Case study

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Future Development

Placer County, California needed an efficient way to analyze changes and perform financial impact analysis in-house and in real time.

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Go above and beyond with ArcGIS

Share your work more broadly, obtain feedback from the community, and take your analysis to the next level with these supporting products.


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