ArcGIS for INSPIRE classic

An extension for ArcMap and ArcGIS Enterprise

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ArcGIS for INSPIRE is now our “classic” extension. Our next generation ArcGIS INSPIRE Open Data solution intends to support the evolution of INSPIRE to a digital ecosystem for environment and sustainability.


ArcGIS for INSPIRE classic is an extension for ArcMap, ArcGIS Enterprise, and Esri Geoportal Server. It provides full support for the European INSPIRE Directive requirements. 

How it works

Create and maintain INSPIRE data and metadata with geodatabase templates tailored to the default INSPIRE data models. Publish INSPIRE View, Download, and Discovery services using software tailored toward the current INSPIRE Directive technical guidance.

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Who is it for?

ArcGIS for INSPIRE classic helps public sector organizations and European Union (EU) member states prepare harmonized spatial data and services pursuant to the EU INSPIRE Directive.

Organizations seeking a simpler and more pragmatic approach should explore our next generation ArcGIS INSPIRE Open Data solution.

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