ArcGIS Open Data

Steer decisions and results with your data

Data is critical to decision making. Whether you are buying a house, wondering about road construction, or opening a new business, trustworthy information is essential. Use Esri’s SaaS open data capabilities to provide your community with the authoritative data they need to make better decisions and accomplish their goals.

Make data accessible to everyone at any time

Share your open data with decision-makers, staff, and the public alike. You can provide spatial data and maps, as well as non-spatial data like spreadsheets, tables, PDFs, and more to the residents, students, journalists, business innovators, and civic developers in your community. The information you share will support their efforts to find new business opportunities and make improvements that can benefit everyone. Sharing data is a fundamental first step in building a hub that connects people together who care about their community.

Build on what you already have

Open data capabilities come included in ArcGIS Online, so organizations with an ArcGIS Online subscription already have access and can get started immediately. No additional purchases or training are needed. You’ll be able to successfully share the data that you’re already collecting, maintaining, and curating using workflows and best practices your teams already know.

Get data your way

Make it easy for your internal staff and your community to search and download entire datasets or filtered subsets in a variety of data formats that best suit their individual needs. Allow people to discover spatial, as well as tabular data, via APIs that connect directly to your authoritative, always up-to-date sources. 

Create as many webpages and sites as you need

Use our default webpage template to get going quickly and to set up public-facing webpages and websites within minutes. Make the pages “your own” by using drag and drop components, no coding required. Easily incorporate your organization’s logo and styles to match the look and feel of your existing websites.

These are just the basics—and there’s so much more you can do. When you’re ready for the next step, you can use additional ArcGIS Hub features to take your open data even further, by giving it purpose and context in relation to your organization's top priorities and initiatives.

Power your hub

Everyday communities around the globe are sharing and using open data to accomplish their goals.  See how open data is boosting collaboration and empowering decision making in this Hubs Around the World story map.

Find and publish open data

Discover and download open data that has been shared publicly online. Or use your ArcGIS Online subscription to publish open data and create open data websites and pages of your own.

Get the data you need

Search open data

Publish open data with ArcGIS Online

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