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ArcGIS Pro Intelligence is software that helps analysts connect the dots through advanced spatial, temporal, and relational data to produce actionable intelligence. As a workstation for intelligence, ArcGIS Pro Intelligence has the tools to integrate disparate data sources, help you perform analysis, and deliver rich visuals and reports. Tightly integrated with ArcGIS software, ArcGIS Pro Intelligence supports data and assessment sharing across ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise and can operate as a completely disconnected workstation when needed. 

What you can do with ArcGIS Pro Intelligence

Threat assessment

Analyze past incidents to determine patterns, trends, and statistical significance. Understand the intentions and capabilities of threat actors. Determine the likelihood and effects of potential events in order to prevent or mitigate the threat.

Laptop computer displaying blue satellite imagery and numerical data

Link analysis

Visualize complex relationships in your data to reveal previously unknown connections. Assess and evaluate these connections to understand how networks are structured and how they function. Identify patterns between entities, including shortest-path, centrality, and neighborhood analyses.

Photo of a city landscape at dusk featuring tall skyscrapers, a busy roadway, and GPS points connected by white lines

Investigative support

Use exploratory techniques and advanced analysis to uncover patterns, trends, correlations, and relationships in your data. Create powerful visualizations for assessments that are challenging to communicate.

Photo of a city skyline with tall skyscrapers at night with digital screenshots of a map, line graph, and data

Imagery exploitation

Process, evaluate, manipulate, and analyze imagery and full-motion video to extract essential elements of information. Create, view, and record structured observations. Communicate assessments through reports or services.

Four large white vehicles crossing a bridge over a river with a closeup image of the vehicle and a road map

Geospatial data analysis

Define the operational environment and describe its effects on operations. Integrate and visualize locations and activities of interest in both 2D and 3D. Track geolocated entities and analyze movement. Conduct suitability analysis based on operational variables.

Blue digital road map showing streets and street names with white scattered data points

How it works

Computer monitor showing two dark gray maps side-by-side with white scattered data points and blue lines

Integrate data from multiple sources

Aggregate data from various sources and formats. ArcGIS Pro Intelligence supports industry and community standards to ensure inclusion of any dataset.

Visualize your data

See your data in maps, link charts, graphs, timelines, and tables. Manage multiple simultaneous views in a single project-based workflow.

Analyze your data

Simplify analysis with context-sensitive tools. Perform spatial, temporal, and relational data analysis. Answer questions and predict events.

Disseminate your work to those who need it

Share analysis results and assessments as services, web maps, or high-quality printed products.

Transform data into actionable intelligence

Use ArcGIS Pro Intelligence to integrate disparate data on locations, times, and relationships. Directly connect or import data from internal and external sources such as databases, services, and flat files. Perform analysis and create understanding using multiple analysis views including maps, timelines, link charts, tables, and graphs. Deliver your work through rich visuals, assessments, and reports through web-based applications and printed products.


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