ArcGIS Solutions is a collection of focused maps and apps that help address challenges in your organization. They leverage your authoritative data and are designed to improve operations, provide new insight, and enhance services in government, utility, defense, public safety, telecommunications, and commercial business.

Intersecting business and technology

ArcGIS Solutions align with your business needs, transform your use of ArcGIS, and help you maximize the investment you are making in location-based data and technology. 

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Valuable ArcGIS configurations

ArcGIS Solutions reduce the time it takes to deploy geo-enabled solutions in your organization and increase the business impact they make.

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Flexible deployment options

Leverage the power of ArcGIS and its flexible deployment options. Get ArcGIS Solutions up and running quickly with your ArcGIS Online organization or deploy them with ArcGIS Enterprise on infrastructure you manage behind your firewall.

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How it works

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License your ArcGIS software

ArcGIS Solutions leverage contemporary ArcGIS capabilities licensed by your organization and help you apply them to business needs.

Search for a solution

Explore a collection of ArcGIS Solutions that can help you manage authoritative data, gain new insight, and deliver key capabilities to stakeholders.

Deploy a solution

Quickly deploy ArcGIS Solutions to your ArcGIS organization, configure them to meet your needs, and load your authoritative information.

Business needs

Meet business challenges with proven configurations of ArcGIS and your location-based data. Whether you're just starting your ArcGIS implementation or have been using it for years, we'll help you maximize the investment you're making and address key business challenges.

  • Business

    Fusion Center

    Fusion Center can be used to conduct threat mitigation on incidents affecting organizational assets from multiple event feeds.

  • Conservation

    Conservation Easement Monitoring

    Conservation Easement Monitoring can be used to routinely inspect conservation easements and monitor conservation easement programs.

  • Defense

    Operations Management

    Operations Management can be used to respond to an event and manage resulting missions.

  • Health and Human Services

    Community Health Assessment

    Community Health Assessment can be used to collect community health information, at the household-level, required for disaster response or health action plans.

  • Public Safety

    Emergency Management Operations

    Emergency Management Operations can be used to manage incident operations and maintain situational awareness during emergency response and recovery phases.

  • State and Local Government

    Equitable Property Value

    Equitable Property Value can be used to share authoritative property information, educate taxpayers, and collect feedback from taxpayers when they are concerned about the equity of their property value.

  • Telecommunications

    Network Path Planner

    Network Path Planner can be used to optimize backhaul routes for fiber networks and cell towers.

  • Utilities

    Stormwater Data Management for ArcGIS Online

    Stormwater Data Management for ArcGIS Online can be used to map assets, edit data, view stormwater system maps in the field and office, view asset reports, and collaborate with map notes.

  • Public Safety

    Police Transparency

    Police Transparency can be used to share authoritative information and communicate engagement efforts that build trust with the public and community stakeholders.

  • State and Local Government

    Recreation Outreach

    Recreation Outreach can be used to increase participation in outdoor activities and understand recreation license trends.

  • Utilities

    Electric Distribution Data Management for ArcGIS Online

    Electric Distribution Data Management for ArcGIS Online can be used to map electric distribution systems, edit data, view electric maps in the field and office, view asset reports and collaborate with map notes.

  • State and Local Government

    3D Basemaps

    3D Basemaps can be used to author and maintain a 3D basemap for an organization.

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Key initiatives

ArcGIS Solutions can help your organization tackle key initiatives.

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City of Durham

You almost don't need GIS experience; anyone can set it up! It's easy for small companies, while larger companies with more GIS resources can transform the solutions into something really customized.

Kelly Doss

GIS Analyst, City of Durham

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