Districting for ArcGIS

A free extension for ArcMap/ArcCatalog

A laptop displaying a map of county borders in Texas highlighted by district in red, blue, yellow, and green overlaid with other maps and a spreadsheet identifying districts by color

Districting for ArcGIS is a free ArcMap/ArcCatalog add-on. Use it to create a districting plan through defined groupings of geographic data such as census tracts, ZIP Codes, and precincts. You can redraw political boundaries, set-up territories for sales efforts, define boundaries for voting, school, fire or police services, and analyze statistics.

How it works


When to use Districting for ArcGIS Extension


Download Districting for ArcGIS

Uninstall any previous versions

Always use the latest version of Districting for ArcGIS.

Download new version

Select your download of Districting for ArcGIS from the versions below. The current version is 10.8 and is compatible with both ArcGIS 10.8 and 10.8.1 versions.

Districting for ArcGIS 10.8
Districting for ArcGIS 10.7
Districting for ArcGIS 10.6
Districting for ArcGIS 10.5
Districting for ArcGIS 10.4



Run the Districting for ArcGIS.exe file you downloaded to install the extension.

Turn on your new extension

Open ArcMap, and turn on your new Districting for ArcGIS extension by selecting Tools > Extensions, then clicking the Districting box, and then clicking Close.

Toggle on the Districting toolbar

Selecting either View > Toolbars, or right-click in the toolbars region near the top of the ArcMap window.

View in ArcCatalog

Once plan workspaces and plans are created, you can start ArcCatalog and expand your plan workspaces branch in the Catalog tree to view them.