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A couple writes a story about their travels along the California coast.

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Take your readers on a visual storytelling journey filled with immersive content. StoryMaps is a powerful new storytelling tool that allows you to creatively combine your copy, images, and videos—and make interactive maps—all in one place. 

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An illustration of the StoryMaps My Content user interface.
A Colorado map, a woman with a backpack smiles on a rock with her dog, and mountains with “Exploring the Rockies” text.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does StoryMaps cost?

StoryMaps offers essential storytelling capabilities for free. Enhanced storytelling capabilities are available as a subscription with monthly and annual payment options. Learn more

Is StoryMaps the same as ArcGIS StoryMaps?

No, StoryMaps is a new product built separate from the ArcGIS system. It's designed for people to share stories about topics they are passionate about like their favorite food, sports, music, places, and friends and family. Learn more

Organizations use ArcGIS StoryMaps to share their GIS-related stories with others such as for internal presentations. It is integrated into the ArcGIS system. Learn more

Can I use the same account information for ArcGIS StoryMaps and StoryMaps?

No, you need to use an organizational account for ArcGIS StoryMaps and make a separate account for StoryMaps with a different email address. You can also sign in to StoryMaps with your Apple, Facebook, or Google ID as long as it is not associated with an ArcGIS account. Please note that you will not be able to make a StoryMaps account with any email address associated with ArcGIS.

Can I move my ArcGIS StoryMaps stories into StoryMaps?

ArcGIS StoryMaps and StoryMaps are separate products. If you make stories in ArcGIS StoryMaps, they are not transferable to StoryMaps (and vice versa). You will need to re-create your stories as needed.

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