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Atlas of Climate Resilience

The data, the science, the geography

The Atlas of Climate Action event recording is now available.

Watch the event recording

Supporting California environmental efforts

The advanced technology needed to support crucial climate decisions in California is available, here and now. A coordinated geographic approach provides deeper understanding and decisive action needed to understand, adapt to, and mitigate the impacts of a changing climate.


Atlas of Climate Action Event

Access the event recording for this exclusive event focused on supporting crucial climate issues in California. Hear from top climate officials from organizations including The White House, the California Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Prague, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Discover how they are using cutting-edge location technology to address the climate crisis, including exploring hazards, assessing vulnerability and risk, investigating options, prioritizing and planning, and taking action.

Watch the recording
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Wildfire and Forest Resilience: Preparing for What’s Next

This exclusive event, hosted by the Los Angeles Times and Esri, was dedicated to supporting informed critical decisions that improve forest management and reduce the impacts of wildfires. Watch the event to hear presenters and panelists, including NASA JPL; American Forests; Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry; Xunta de Galicia, Spain; and more, discuss how they are leveraging technology to gain real-time awareness to improve collaboration and use resources efficiently, practice data-driven fire management, analyze and model forest conditions, and understand changing environmental impacts.

Watch the recording

The Geography of Resilience | Event Recording Available

Thank you for your interest in this executive event on environmental resilience and justice! The live event has concluded. You can watch the event recording to:

  • Explore trends and technologies that today’s change-makers are using to understand climate risk, shed light on inequities, and power better decisions for people and the planet
  • Hear from pioneering experts whose successes will inform and inspire your work in climate resilience, environmental justice, sustainability, and preservation
  • Take away a deeper understanding of how to translate complex environmental science into action
Watch the recording

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