Exclusive Executive Event

Join the Los Angeles Times and Esri at an exclusive event dedicated to supporting informed critical decisions that improve forest management and reduce the impacts of wildfires. You will walk away with clear, actionable takeaways about leveraging technology to: 

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Event Moderator

Maggi Kelly, UC Berkeley

Dr. Maggi Kelly, professor of environmental science, policy, and management at UC Berkeley, is an expert in spatial data science whose career has been dedicated to understanding the spatially complex, socially diverse, and dynamic landscapes in California. She has applied her technological expertise to crucial problems across the state, such as understanding and documenting wildfires, tracking and predicting sudden oak death, improving agriculture and water usage, and climate change.

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Event, Part I

California's forests are more than a vital natural resource—our state's diverse forest ecosystems are critical players in climate change mitigation, water quality, air quality, earthquake and landslide prevention, and more. Join Part I of this event to hear from ecology and forest experts about how technology helps us measure how our forests are changing, the impacts of those changes, and what steps we can take to help our forests thrive.


Experts from leading government and environmental organizations share how they are advancing forest health with new technologies.

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Event, Part II

As California’s wildfire seasons continue to break records, these disasters are becoming one of our nation’s most urgent examples of the need for resilient infrastructure and climate change mitigation. Join Part II of this event to learn how new technologies support efficient disaster response efforts, promote proactive preparation, and help government agencies learn from the past to plan a sustainable future for California’s landscapes.


Hear first-hand how innovative local governments and technology pioneers are creating and utilizing new solutions for wildfire and disaster response.

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Event, Part III

Join a panel of experts from Esri and leading government agencies as they dive deeper into the ideas shared during the day’s presentations.


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Event, Part IV

Technology at the core of digital transformation and modernization (20 minutes)

Learn how geospatial technology can bring analytics, real-time awareness, and data-driven decision-making to your forest management, wildfire prevention, and wildfire response and mitigation operations. 

Closing Keynote

Richard Cooke, Global Director of Imagery

Cooke brings over 30 years of experience in computer vision, remote sensing, geospatial, and location analytic fields to his role at Esri. He focuses on helping customers apply the geographic approach to manage, analyze, and share advanced analytic insights from their remote sensing and imagery data collected from satellites, aircraft, drones, IoT networks, and terrestrial sensors. 

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