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An aerial view of a 3D model of a city in navy blue, green, and yellow on a black background

Developing Digital Twins for Defense and Intelligence Organizations

From digital twin to real-time win

Digital twins enable defense and intelligence professionals to better plan, train, prepare, and conduct operations anywhere in the world.

Get enhanced mission support with ArcGIS

A digital twin is a virtual representation of the real world, including physical objects, processes, relationships, and behaviors. Esri’s ArcGIS provides a system for capturing and representing place and time in 2D and 3D. Location is the common key that’s needed to integrate disparate data and information into a common framework for visualization, analysis, and enhanced and efficient decision-making. Developing digital twins enables defense and intelligence leaders to understand the impacts of external factors, mitigate risk, and plan operations.

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Benefits of a digital twin



Discovering Value in a Digital Twin

Digital twins are virtual representations of the real world and provide greater context to meet business challenges.

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Let Esri be a part of your digital transformation mission—one based on integrating data and information from many models in a common framework for visualization, analysis, and more efficient decision-making.